What is Blood Pressure Fluctuation?

Blood pressure moves blood through the circulatory system, transporting oxygen and nutrients to the arteries, tissues, and organs. The heart increases blood pressure by expelling blood every time it beats. These stresses will change throughout the day, but most of these changes are normal, but blood pressure may become too high or too low. And […]

10 Most Dangerous Airborne Diseases You Should Know About

Airborne diseases can be of many types, having different levels of severity. However, there is one thing that can help us to combat them all, which is knowledge about airborne diseases. Let us know about the types of airborne diseases, their symptoms, preventions and other important facts. What are the causes of airborne diseases? Airborne […]

Holistic Marketing – Everything You Need To Know About

What is Holistic Marketing? Holistic marketing as the name defines it’s about a marketing strategy that considers the whole of a business. With this, all marketing channels are considered as a system. The concept of holistic marketing involves the integration of different departments in a business. Through this, all departments collaborate in the interrelationship marketing […]


Social entrepreneurship is a concept evolved in 1980, but firstly this word was used in literature in the middle of 1953 by H. Bowen in the book Social Responsibilities of The Businessman. Bill Drayton is known as the father of social entrepreneurship, after founding his Ashoka enterprise organization in 1980. Introduction We can define social […]

Spiti Valley: Best Time, Places To Visit | Spiti Travel Guide

Introduction The Spiti Valley also referred to as the “middle land”, is a cold desert mountain valley situated between Tibet and India. It is situated at a high altitude level within the Himalayas. The valley is a perfect hill station ranged by the Mighty Himalayas and enclosing within eccentric and high altitude roads, whimsical valleys, […]

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