Remember Career Day or career seminars back in school? You might have spent hours, learning and contemplating possible career paths. You might have even taken an aptitude test to determine the best profession for you. But, what if you are among those people who want to do something different or out-of-the-box jobs? Or one of those people who want to do something unconventional or unheard of? Do not worry because you are not alone! And we bring to you a list of 10 Most Underrated Jobs That Pay Well because your normal is often boring!

While your peers and elders are into medical and engineering fields, tallying balance sheets or in a ‘Sarkari Naukri, if normal screams boring into your face, this list of 10 Most Underrated Jobs That Pay Well is surely for you!

While most people have normal jobs, some people have taken a different path, into more unique careers. You may not have any idea about the existence of some well paid, yet unusual jobs. But, these underrated jobs could lead you down an unconventional path towards a thriving career.

If you want to go for some high-paying yet odd jobs, then read this blog till the end!

10 Most Underrated Jobs That Pay Well

1. Online Dating Ghostwriter

Average Salary:- $23.84 per hour

Primary Duties:-  An online dating ghostwriter writes and improves the profiles for people on dating websites. If you have the writing skills to create witty dating profiles, then this is a great job for you. You can do this job from anywhere in the world by looking for clients yourself as a freelancer, or you can work directly with popular dating sites.

2. Hypnotherapist

Average Salary:- $30.87 per hour

Primary Duties:- It is a job that combines therapy with riding horses! Basically, this type of therapy is used for both children and adults. You need to be a certified therapist with knowledge of different forms of disabilities for this job, and you should also be good with horses. To improve the patient’s recreation, socialization, and interaction with others, you can use hippotherapy. You would be a part of a team of experts in this job that helps create plans and goals for patients.

3. Master Marijuana Extractor

Average Salary:- $50,135 – $84,465 per year

Primary Duties:- Being a master marijuana extractor, you need to process marijuana to produce edibles, oils, concentrates, and other marijuana products. A degree is required in a related field to acquire this job. Once you have the degree, you can start earning a considerable sum of money, right out of college.

4. Bereavement Coordinator

Average Salary:- $47,076 per year

Primary Duties:- A bereavement coordinator is a professional who helps families who recently lost their loved ones. From paperwork to appointments, handling the funeral service to supervising volunteers and staff, they manage everything so that the family going through a difficult time doesn’t have to. It is a type of counseling service as well, and you would be responsible for arranging counseling for the bereaved when necessary. If you choose this job, then you would generally work in hospitals, nursing homes, or hospice settings.

5. Veterinary Acupuncturist

Average Salary:- $34.78 per hour

Primary Duties:- Acupuncture can be used to treat animals, just as it is used to heal humans. As a veterinary acupuncturist, you would use a non-surgical and non-drug approach to treat an animal, like you would use needles, tools, and techniques such as massages, blood-moving approaches, frequency approaches, and polarity devices. It is mandatory to have training and certification in acupuncture. Understanding the feelings of animals and love for animals is also important for succeeding in the role.

6. Colour Expert

Okay, this is officially my favourite job because… well, nothing is more fun than colour-play!

Average Salary:- $17.71 – $23.34 per hour

Primary Duties:- A color expert is a job where you suggest the best colors for homes, company buildings, brand logos and more, by using color psychology, trends, statistics, and theory. You need to develop layouts and producing designs, usually for a brand, a house, an office, or a whole building in this job. There’s no need for a college degree for this job, but it does require training. If you are creative and innovative enough, then this is a perfect job for you.

7. Flavorist 

Average Salary:- $17.05 – $34.96 per hour

Primary Duties:- In a job like this, you would be creating natural and artificial flavours. For this job, you need to have knowledge of essential oils, botanical extracts, flavor aromas, and essences to be able to recreate flavors from nature, and you will also have to come up with some new flavors that people will love. This job requires a PhD in chemistry or biochemistry. Moreover, as a flavourist, you would need extensive experience as an apprentice with flavor companies.

8. Art Therapist

Average Salary:- $19.28 – $47.84 per hour

Primary Duties:- When therapy gets combined with the creative form of art, it  is called ‘art therapy’. Art therapists help heal their patients. They help improve their patients’ self-esteem and overall mental health. When patients are unable to express themselves verbally, then they would go for art therapy. An art therapist knows psychology or counselling. They are also trained in art. If you love children and are looking for a unique job, then you can go for this job. You can work in school settings, or you may be hired by companies to help employees, as an art therapist.

9. Periodontist

Average Salary:- $222,515 per year

Primary Duties:- A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the treatment of periodontal disease. Periodontists maintain and repair dental implants. A Periodontist is an expert in oral inflammation, but can also handle more complex dental cases such as severe gum disease. You need to complete dental school as well as three additional years of specialized education to become a periodontist.

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10. Bingo Manager

The last job on this list of 10 Most Underrated Jobs That Pay Well is a Bingo Manager, interesting, isn’t it?

Average Salary:- $53,185 per year

Primary Duties:- A bingo manager’s job is to manage everything in a casino. There’s no need of a college degree for this job, but you do need to have at least five years for experience in a similar managerial position. 

So, these were the 10 most underrated jobs that actually pay well but remain uncommon. We hope that this list would help you find a career you love. If you are looking for some lesser unconventional jobs, our blog What is Freelancing Job and All about Freelancing would definitely help you.