A woman shares a very lovely and important bond with her wardrobe. Whether it’s a hunt for the perfect outfit for a date night or for a job interview, your closet is the ultimate treasure chest. When it comes to fashion, no singular look is applicable to the entire female population. Preference and taste vary across women. While some pick femininity over boyish outfits, some prefer casual over dressy looks. Meanwhile, others opt for monochrome over colours, and so on. BUT looking for a simple outfit in a messy closet can be a stressful task. However, there are some basic things which every woman, be it a fashionista, a working professional, a student, or a homemaker, must have in their closet. This blog is that ultimate list of 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Women that all of you must have!

10 Wardrobe Essentials for Women

With the given wardrobe essentials for women, you can be happy knowing that there is one look that will always work for you, no matter what the occasion is. So, let’s quickly start.

1) A Blue/Black Denim Jeans

Speaking of wardrobe essentials for women, it would be totally unethical to give blue/black denim jeans a miss. They are perfectly stylish as they can be paired with any type of top. When you put on a stylish pair of jeans, you have the liberty to decide how you want to style your look. When we talk about denim jeans, accessories and shoes have no bar either. You can go with a pair of elegant pumps or play it cool with a pair of sneakers.

2) A White Tee

When cannot you wear a white t-shirt? It should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It is that versatile. You can wear it with your favourite pair of denim, on a party skirt with a great leather/denim jacket, or on the weekends with black pants. Hence, a basic white tee is a must.

3) A denim/leather jacket

In unpredictable weather, a denim/leather jacket comes to your rescue. It is, therefore, a must in a woman’s wardrobe. It allows you to pull together a casual, yet stylish look. Think of October, when morning mist brings in a little chill but the afternoon sun can really beat down on you – a denim jacket protects you from all these.  Both a floral dress and a turtleneck sweater  goes beautifully with a jacket.  Moreover, if you are willing to give your look a classy touch then denim on denim can be a showstopper when paired correctly.

4) A knee-length Pencil Skirt

 Talking about wardrobe essentials, there are certain bottom pieces that are a must for any woman’s wardrobe. A knee-length skirt, especially in colours like grey, blue or black, is one of the top closet essentials for women. On cold days, pair your knee-length skirt with warm tights and ankle boots for a cool autumn or winter look. This super cool clothing item works in a formal setting as well as at a festive family gathering. They are so versatile that they can be paired with a range of shirts, t-shirts, tops making them both work-friendly and trendy.

5) A Little Black Dress

A Little Black Dress is a classic wardrobe essential for women. The best thing about little black dresses is that they are fully versatile. In times of confusion for a dazzling outfit for an evening or a night out in the city, a little black dress is the most convenient and glamorous option to opt for. Little Black Dresses have a great degree of flexibility when it comes to styling. You can pair your Little Black Dress with plenty of accessories, ranging from classic pumps to gold jewelry to bright belts.

6) A pair of black heels 

A pair of heels can make any basic outfit look outstanding. It also gives a correct posture to the body. Why black? Because nothing can be more perfect than a pair of black heels!! It goes well with almost everything. 

So, ladies, you can rock that birthday party or that date night or even a business meeting with confidence if you have a pair of black heels to give yourself a classic look. 

7) A pair of basic stud earrings and hoops 

Put on a pair of stud earrings to shimmer up your casual look yet keeping it minimal. 

These are timeless, classic and versatile. 

Go for a pair of hoops to add a style statement to your basic or even party look. These hoops are never out of style. 

And the best part is, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can choose whichever suits your facial features the best. 

8) Formal white shirt 

From Marilyn Monroe to Emma Watson, as timeless as it can be, a formal white shirt will never disappoint you. 

Ladies, can you even imagine a life without it? Well, I can’t.

It suits everyone no matter what the skin tone or the body type is. It works wonderfully on all types of occasions. You can even pair it with a traditional lehenga to transform your traditional look into a bit classy look and slay that ceremony! 

9) A good handbag and a clutch 

Investing in a good handbag would never make you regret it. You can go for a classic black or a neutral shade, a well structured one, or a simple tote. And make sure it is of a good quality and matches your dressing style. 

Now, don’t forget about a go-to clutch because you obviously don’t want to carry a bag everywhere you go. Hence, these zipped cuties are an absolute must-have. 

10) A pair of white sneakers 

Can’t decide what would match with the pair of jeans or the cute skirt you are wearing today? Go for these – white sneakers. Broke your black heels that perfectly matched with your little black dress? No worries! Call for these – white sneakers. 

Your white sneakers will help you rock any casual outfit and can be your saviour too at times.

So, these were our top 10, must-have list of wardrobe essentials for women by our writers Aditi and Sneha Mol. They combined their super pretty and elegant brains to come up with this super saviour list of wardrobe essentials for women.

Do you have these essentials in your closet, ladies? Let us know in the comments below!