We often hear people say, especially health freaks and doctors, “cut off sugar from the diet”.  The question which is bound to arise next is “why is sugar bad?” If you love your sweets a bit more than others, you might even question the probability of life without sugar. We all do it at some point while trying to lose weight or stay fit. This blog – 5 Reasons Why Sugar Is Called White Poison – is solely dedicated to explaining the toxicity of sugar in your health.

Sugar makes life sweet… until it KILLS!

Sugar contains a lot of empty calories with no useful nutrients. It has harmful effects on metabolism and contributes to all sorts of severe diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, Obesity, Liver Problems, etc. In fact, if you are struggling with PCOS – A Common Problem Amongst Women, sugar can be your biggest enemy and worst nightmare!

Doctors recommend that men can have up to 9 teaspoons of refined sugar per day and women can have up to 6 teaspoons of refined sugar per day. However, Indians are recommended to consume no more than 5 teaspoons of sugar daily. Shocking right?!

5 Reasons Why Sugar Is Called White Poison

Sugar increases the chances of getting obesity, diabetes and heart problems

Eating a piece of cake or pastry on special occasions is something we all look forward to. However, we should not have it daily or in every meal, as a regular habit. Food materials, like sugar, that quickly affect the level of blood sugar contribute to problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other adverse issues.

In fact, sugary beverages are loaded with fructose – a type of simple sugar that doesn’t curb our hunger. Then, we consume a high amount of liquid calories and it eventually leads to weight gain and obesity eventually. It also increases the chances of type two diabetes and heart disease.

The rate of obesity is rising all around the globe. Refined sugar, especially from desserts, sugar-sweetened beverages and fast food, is one of the main reasons for Obesity. Diets with high rates of sugar have been associated with obesity, inflammation and high triglyceride, with high blood sugar and blood pressure levels. All these are risk factors for heart disease, the number one cause of death worldwide. Moreover, consuming lots of refined sugar can cause Atherosclerosis – a disease that leads to clogging of arteries by fatty deposits.

Sugar accelerates ageing

To all the beauties out there, this may be the best reason you will want to finally get rid of sugar from your daily diet. Poor food choices like sugary desserts and drinks can worsen wrinkles and speed the skin ageing process.

After sugar reaches one’s bloodstream, it attaches to proteins. This mixture causes damage to collagen and elastin, which are proteins that help the skin to keep its youthful appearance. This makes the skin lose its elasticity and leads to sagging at a young age.

Research has shown that a lower intake of carbohydrates was associated with a better skin-ageing appearance. Now you have the secret to youthful beauty.

Apart from this, sugar also promotes premature cell ageing. Consuming high amounts of added sugar increases telomere shortening, resulting in the elevation of cellular ageing. Even though the shortening of telomeres is a natural body process, an unhealthy lifestyle can accelerate the process.

Moving on to the 3rd reason why sugar is called white poison.

Sugar affects mental health

We all have had that one bucket of ice cream after a big fight, haven’t we?

Be it a scoop of ice cream or a big doughnut, sugary food makes us happy. Hence, it is often called ‘comfort food’. But many recent studies have shown that excessive amounts of sugar intake may lead to mental illnesses like dementia, depression, eating disorders etc. It may have a negative impact on memory power and metabolism and can cause neuroinflammation or learning disorders.

Let’s not forget the children who receive sweets as treats. Studies have found that high amounts of sugar intake lead to low cognitive development in children. Time to find some new and healthier ways of celebration, right?

Sugar causes tooth decay and can cause gum disease

Sitting in the dentist’s office is one of the scariest things not just for a child but also for an adult!

One of the most obvious reasons why we should remove sugar from our diet is that sugar causes tooth decay. Sugar also causes gum infections and other oral problems.

The best way to stop sugar from fueling plaque and bacteria is by brushing our teeth twice a day. Visit our blog How To Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene to improve your oral health practises and give a ‘sweet’ smile always.

Sugar can affect your immune function

The last but most important reason Why Sugar Is Called White Poison …

Did you know that sugar also stops our body from fighting diseases? Scary, especially with Corona around, right?

According to researchers, sugar can interfere with the functioning of your immune system. Now, we know that immunity is essential for our daily functioning. Low immunity can risk your health and lifestyle severely.

However, the good news is that unlike white sugar, other natural substitutes of sugar boost immunity! Visit our blog 5 Natural Substitutes of Sugar and keep indulging in your favourite sweets with no guilt! 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a wholesome diet will decrease your risk of getting sick easily. We all have heard that Health is Wealth from a very young age. However, we often do not practise a healthy lifestyle until its too late. Hence, we advise each one of you to reduce or eliminate refined sugar and food with added sugar from your diet.

BUT eliminating sugar does not mean eliminating sweetness and desserts from life. We hope that our blog on why sugar is called white poison was helpful. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned to Blogger Bunny for more interesting blogs.