Kolkata (Amaar Kolkata), formerly known as Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal, a renowned state of India. This city was founded as the East India Company post of trading. This place is known for its architectural designs and amazing monuments. Few of the sorted places to visit in Kolkata are as follows:


bbd bagh - kolkata

It is a historical site of Kolkata. Dalhousie Square was the power centre, when Kolkata was the capital of India, during the British Raj. It is Kolkata’s commercial hub. Dalhousie Square is now ‘Benoy-Badal-Dinesh Bagh‘ (BBD Bagh). The natural springs and several historical buildings surround the Lal Dighi.

The famous Writer’s Building is in the square’s north, while to the east are commercial houses and the West Bengal Government Tourist Bureau. Also, on the southern side are Raj Bhavan, the State Legislative Assembly House, and the Kolkata High Court. On the other hand, the majestic white domed General Post Office and Reserve Bank of India lie on the west side of the square. R.N. Mukherjee Street is the site for tea auctions, and frenzied dealings go on at the Lyon’s Range Stock Exchange, just beyond Clive Street.

College Street

The culture and crafts of College Street are famous in Kolkata. College Street or the ‘Road of Books‘, stretches along the edge of the University of Kolkata, and is a fine expression of the city’s love for reading. The pavement stalls and shops along this kilometer-long strip are an excellent hunting ground for second-hand books. You can catch hold of almost anything here in almost every language, from Victorian lithographs to Russian textbooks. The Senate House, The Asutosh Museum of Indian History at the Centenary Building, and the Indian Coffee House outlines College Street. It attracts the students as well as the intelligentsia.

Kalighat Kali Temple

kali temple and zoological garden -places to visit in Kolkata

Kalighat Kali Temple is one of the well-known temples of Kolkata. This temple is a major Hindu pilgrim site of India. It is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It was built in 1809, at Kalighat on the banks of the river Hugli (Ganga) and was renovated in 1971. We know the temple for its fine examples of terracotta art, and houses the idol of Goddess Kali, which is made of black stone and decorated with gold and silver. The annual ceremonial bath of the idol on the snan-yatra day attracts thousands of devotees to the temple. Some researchers also believe that the name Kolkata originated from the word Kalighat. The mortal remains of many influential citizens have been assigned to the flames, near the temple at the Keoratala Crematorium. 

Zoological Gardens

We categorize this site under the well-known gardens of Kolkata. The extremely popular Zoo is around 3 km south of Park Street in Alipore. They found it in 1876, as a private, voluntary society. Today they spread it over an area of 16 acres and have an extensive collection of birds and animals. It can take hours to go through all sections. They also keep some animals in zoos in a natural environment. The prime attractions are the white tiger from Reward and some wonderful and weird species like the Tigon (a cross between a tiger and a lion) and the Litigon (a cross between a lion and a tigon). Reptile houses, and an aquarium, with a collection of over 1200 fishes are also very popular. The serpentine garden lake attracts many migratory birds during winter.

Academy of Indian Coins & History 

nirmal hriday - places to visit in Kolkata

This site is one of the known academies of Kolkata. The academy is at Rabindra Sarani and houses a comprehensive gallery of ancient Indian coins.

Nirmal Hriday

Mother Teresa established this home for the destitute at Kalighat, a little distance from the Kali Temple. It is the best home and clinic for the missionaries. Missionaries of Charity run Nirmal Hriday. They take care of the sick and the dying destitute after unremitting devotion and love.

 The list doesn’t end here. The list of places to visit in Kolkata is very long where you can spend your weekends with your family and plan a vacation. However, through this blog “6 Best Places To Visit In Kolkata”, I hope you gained an insight into some of the famous places. 

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