Veganism is a lifestyle in which people avoid the intake of dairy and animal-derived products. People go vegan for a variety of reasons. Some choose it to lead a healthy lifestyle and some others are more concerned about the environment and moral issues. Whatever your reason be, you cannot entirely cut off snacks from your diet! Because choosing a Vegan lifestyle does not mean abstinence from delicious food. In an attempt to make things easier for our readers, I have listed down 6 Vegan snacks you probably didn’t know about. 

Even people on healthy diets cannot have their days without munching on some snacks. But when it comes to Vegans, you have to do a bit of research to choose what to eat. While this list of vegan snack can be helpful to the vegans here, if you do not know about Veganism, visit our blog What Is The Vegan Diet?

6 Vegan Snacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

1) Doritos

Not all but a few flavours of Doritos are completely vegan! Isn’t it good news for all the vegans who love nachos?

Yes, you can go for flavours like ‘Blaze’, ‘Spicy sweet chilli’ and ‘Toasted Corn Tortilla’. All these flavours are plant-based and do not contain any animal-derived ingredient. 

2) Taco Bell’s Cinnamon Twists

How many Taco Bell fans here??!! 

To your surprise, these amazing, yummy and crispy twists with toppings of cinnamon sprinkles are absolutely Vegan. These are purely plant-based made from wheat flour, rice flour, corn and salt. So, now, you can crunch on these crisps without any worries. 

3) Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

Surprised!!! Aren’t you? Your favourite chocolate Syrup that you thought you will have to compromise on turns out to be vegan.

With the main ingredients being cocoa, corn syrup, sugar and water, Hershey’s chocolate syrup is completely plant-based and doesn’t contain any traces of milk or any other dairy product. 

4) Pringles 

Too good to be true, right?! Now, even if you go vegan you can enjoy the ‘Original’ and ‘Sweet Chilli’ flavours of Pringles. These are completely animal and plant-friendly. 

It’s obviously a relief to your taste buds if you have chosen a vegan lifestyle for reasons other than those related to diets.

5) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 

I know it’s a bit hard to believe but these crescent rolls are completely vegan.

Palm oil is used instead of butter to give these croissants a longer shelf life. The reason behind this is not so healthy but the fact that it’s vegan is true. 

6) Twizzlers 

We all love candies. But vegans have very few options available. One of such few options is -‘TWIZZLERS’. Of course, the last item on my list of vegan snacks you didn’t know about has to be these addictive candies!

These long, twisted candies are mainly made of corn syrup and sugar with some added flavours and colours. The absence of any dairy product makes it vegan friendly. 

So, now that you have reached the end of the blog 6 Vegan Snacks You Probably Didn’t Know About, are you surprised? are you drooling or are you ready to shop already?? 

We hope that you find this list of 6 Vegan Snacks You Probably Didn’t Know About helpful in your vegan diet. Meanwhile, also visit our blog 5 Reasons Why Sugar Is Called White Poison and make healthier food choices.