Human beings love creating memories and so do they love capturing that memory. People make videos, click pictures and some also save them for the album, and some upload it on social media platforms. Photography is the skill of capturing pictures. A photoshoot is widely done nowadays. People love capturing, baby showers, pre-wedding shoots, birthday shoots, etc. The photoshoot is a wide umbrella that covers every aspect of pictures. If you have a collection of your own clicked pictures, you can merge it as your portfolio and show it to your employer and get a job (if it’s good). 

Knowledge is the key

A photographer must know the below-mentioned things to take good quality pictures. 

  • Rule of thirds
  • Focal point
  • Depth
  • Basic shot composition


key points for professional photoshoot

  • Bokeh mode
  • Editing software
  • Camera settings
  • White balance

Steps to shoot

Following are the steps to follow for a professional photo shoot:-

1.Plan the shoot

Planning is the first and the foremost step towards shooting. Planning refers to deciding the date, central theme, or concept, etc. There will be certain decisions you need to take. You must know which category you are going to shoot, whether it will be lifestyle photography or sports photography. Will it be black and white photography or color? Look for references online. Check some poses online. Be ready to ask your subject for different poses. Have a goal that you want to achieve when you click pictures. Plan to impress and hence you will get more clients. 

initial steps for photoshoot

2. Decide a location

The next step is to select a destination. Decide where you want to shoot for the photoshoot. You can ask your client for the locations (if they have any in mind) or you can research about that as well. Location can be decided based on your theme too. For instance, if it is a pre-wedding shoot, you can go to certain historic or famous locations of the city or near the city. Some people love to re-create their memories and go to colleges, cafes, etc., where they have been. It can be indoor or outdoor. So, location is mainly decided by the theme you have or the concept you have. 

3. Select equipment

There is various equipment you need to carry for the shoot. This equipment also depends on the type of a photoshoot you are going to do. For wedding photography, you need to carry lenses. A wide-angle lens is good for group pictures while a macro lens will go for a specific event like cake cutting. You must carry your bag, a cloth to clean your camera and its lenses, extra batteries, memory cards, flashes, diffusers, etc. while going for any shoot. 

step 3 and 4 for professional shoot

4. Set-up the environment

The environment here refers to the background for the photoshoot. It will include lightings, any props you need, scenic backdrop, etc. If you are shooting in the studio, you will have everything handy. But if you are going out for the shooting, you need to set up lights, your camera, and you also need to manage extra light. Use props to get some effects. The environment is set up by your theme. 

5. Post Shooting – Editing

last step for photoshoot

The final step once your photo shoot is done is editing. Editing adds extra value to your photographs. It removes the noise from the photo. It adds colors and it makes your picture look more good. There are various software one must know to edit. These include Adobe Photoshoot, Lightroom, etc. You can also edit photos from your phone using mobile-friendly applications. Adjust the pictures. Rotate the pictures and then only send your client. 


Clicking a good picture is an art that comes more when you practice it. Learn more. Take up courses online or offline. Take the help of YouTube videos. Learn from professionals and at last, practice. Remember, you learn more when you imply your knowledge. Don’t use your phone unless it’s an emergency while shooting as it will distract you and may hamper the shoot. You can always take an assistant with you if you need any help while shooting. Remember, you are just a few steps away from becoming a professional photographer. 

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