There are multiple times in life when we have to choose what life throws us into and the situations of multiple-choice questions. We choose one accurate option in order to better our lives. This situation could be related to anything, like wearing this dress or that dress, getting a haircut or not, choosing commerce or science, choosing this friend or not, choosing a Job That You Love versus A Job That Pays Well.

It is a natural human tendency to choose the best. We choose according to our own needs and priorities. If we look closely into our own lives, we get to know that we fight a lot of battles inside the boundaries of our mind.

In fact, one such situation comes in everyone’s life when we have to choose between our passion and money.

Choosing between A Job That You Love and A Job That Pays Well is definitely a hard decision for anyone. Whether to go with heart and soul or choose money over passion – what is right? Well, sometimes we prioritize the opportunity and sometimes the situations. However, in both the cases priorities matter. I personally believe that choices vary as the priorities vary and it is perfectly all right to prioritise one over the other. This blog would address the same dilemma: a job that you love versus a job that pays well.

A job that you Love

Talking about the practicality of today’s world, we know that money is an essential requirement. There is no wrong in chasing money. But money often comes with some cost. People often leave behind their passion to make money. We cannot deny the relevance of money in anyone’s life. However, we generally forget the relevance of contentment and of being a human.

Pros of being in a job that you love

We tend to forget that job is not only about money. A job also holds a point of satisfaction. Passion provides us with the sense of contentment that we do not get anywhere else. If we do what we love, the job will not be stressful anymore.

There is a saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life”.

This saying definitely holds a great amount of truth in itself. If we love our work, there won’t be work pressure, deadlines and stress. Instead, a job that you love brings motivation, mental relief and peace in life.

It is frequently noticed that people who are not doing a job that they love, are not happy. They are always stuck in some kind of mental stress. In the 21st century, people have almost forgotten about their mental health and their own happiness. Nevertheless, all thanks to this pandemic. The COVID-19 provided us, the privileged ones, plenty of time to think about our mental health, peace and sense of satisfaction. It made us feel that life is much more than just money. It made us learn that life is about being a human, being contented, satisfied and happy from the inner self. 

There are many who explored themselves in this pandemic, who came up with their passion, with something that they love to do. When someone does something that he/she loves to do, they automatically feel energized. They can feel that they are growing in themselves. That feeling of energy and growth motivates them to work more for themselves or for the organization or for the society. And sometimes, even passion could turn out to be a great source of income. Well, money or less money or no money, work is never ‘work’ for those who follow their passion. It becomes a part of their life, of their happiness.  

However, we should not forget that we are privileged. The COVID-19 pandemic also brought to light The Inequality in Society.

Cons of being in a job that pays well

Sometimes what we consider as wonderland is not actually a wonderland. There is no doubt that a person must follow his/her passion but we cannot deny the fact that physical things do matter. If the passion is not able to pay your bills then you have to look for the other source of income.

There are so many people who want to follow their passion but they know that they cannot afford a living out of it. It is true that often passion goes off-beat with the market. In fact, if people start making sufficient amounts of money out of their passion, they lose interest in it. In the end, passion becomes nothing but just a work that gives them money in the end. Mostly, after becoming a source of income, passion loses its spark. It would not be a stress-free work then and would become a matter of job only.

One more point to be considered here is that people tend to change their passion with time. There is no certainty in passion or things people love. So, there is no certainty in the income too.

Those who have a passion for, let’s say, marketing or sales can make a good amount of money. However, most people are passionate about things that do not make good money. Now, without money, people feel demotivated and hence, the passion seems as a burdened work then.

A job that Pays Well

There are some people who want to do things that they love, who want to do something for their own mental peace. But their financial needs do not allow them to do so. Hence, they find it better to move for a high paying job. Well, we cannot deny the fact that money is an inevitable requirement of life.

Pros of a job that pays well

Money certainly can not buy everything but it can make us able to solve most of our problems.

There is no issue in following the passion but when you need to pay the bills, you must shift to something that pays you pretty well! 

You do not have to worry about anything, any needs, any bills to pay. A fine job that pays well will definitely look after all these things. Money can solve a lot of problems in our life.

Often, the income also remarks about someone’s status and success. People tend to respect those who earn good amounts of money as they are considered as successful. This gesture of respect also inspires a lot of individuals to go for a good income job. It also gives a sense of stability, a sense of protection to oneself. This sense of stability is very important to our brain. It is a natural phenomenon to maintain the equilibrium i.e. the state of stability. Likewise, our brain tends to maintain that stability in our lives.

Money, stability and protection do not affect our brain directly but collectively they influence our brain. It reduces the stress related to financial matters, unstable income and vulnerability. A high earning job gives you a status unparalleled in society and that status mostly workout as a motivation for the individuals.

Cons of a job that pays well

Well, the money comes at a cost of a lot of things. A person who is just working for money is no more than a money-making machine!

For example, Hrithik Roshan played a character in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. His character in the movie actually portrayed a man who thought that money is life. Later, he understood that he is actually wasting his life being obsessed with money.

Well, this example was just from the movie. But even in reality, so many people are obsessed with the idea of earning well that they eventually forget they are human beings.

There is nothing bad in earning money, but it is quite hard to work at a place where one does not feel motivated. Sometimes, these high paid jobs cost mental peace, happiness, and a sense of contentment. People tend to become much more frustrated due to the work pressure and gradually it leads to depression and isolation. Probably this is the reason why many think that Startup is Better than 9-5 Jobs!

Such people who take a job just as a job are mostly tired by the work, there is no sense of motivation in them. They are generally under the pressure of competition and don’t actually focus on the skills. When people don’t do what they love, their work becomes a stress for them.

A job that you love versus A job that pays well?

As we discussed, both – a job that you love versus a job that pays well – has its own pros and cons. We can’t say that one is better and one is not. The notion can completely change according to the situation. Whatever an individual chooses would completely be based upon his/her conditions and priorities. Say, if I already make a good amount of money I would look into my passion or would switch passion as my full-time work. But if I do not even meet my ends with my passion, I would definitely look forward to something that pays me well. So, in the end, it is one’s priority list that actually defines their choices.

So, in a job that you love versus a job that pays well, Blogger Bunny wishes you all the luck!