Social media is full of pessimistic people,

Their posts are so illogical and unreal.

Don’t let this negativity effect you,

On virtual platforms, always be true.


India is a democratic country. Everyone here has the right to express their opinions and thoughts. If the right to express opinions and thoughts is violated people can take action. So talking about the case of 2015, Shreya Singhal Vs Union of India case. A petition was filed against Section 66A of the IT Act. The act forbids people to express their views freely on virtual platforms. The Supreme Court had to strike down this act.


The abolishment of Section 66A was to let people enjoy their right to speech but many people are misusing this power. Here, celebrities, politicians, etc. are abused by the trollers on social platforms. And sometimes the comments made by the trollers are very offensive. There are tons of examples of people being offensive on social platforms. Which has now become a trend. People think it’s a very classy thing to abuse someone or make fun of them on such large platforms.


Recently, news of a 16-year old boy giving rape threats to MS Dhoni’s daughter on Instagram went viral. He was upset with the performance of Dhoni during the IPL match. The boy thought this is the only way to deal with it. Many celebrities, politicians, and the public criticized such behavior and demanded strict action against the boy. There was high-security in in front of Dhoni’s house as soon as this comment went viral on all social platforms. On investigation, the boy was arrested from Gujarat.


The second example is the Bois Locker Room case. A few days back an Instagram group flooded with a lot of foul comments on girls and many inappropriate pictures. The investigation revealed that one member of the group was a girl. She has intentionally talked about rape to check the character of the boys.


Impact of Such Acts

  • Insulting or threatening someone on such large platforms can deteriorate their mental state, and it might also lead to depression.
  • It makes the victim under-confident, and he distances himself from social media.
  • Such comments also encourage other people to post inappropriate content, and many teenagers are inspired by these choices the wrong path.
  • It develops the feeling of fear in many people, and they feel scared to express their opinions.
  • The comments can also develop the hate feeling for a particular community and can also cause riots and violence in the nation.
  • Sometimes these comments are so offensive that it is really uncomfortable to even discuss these topics thus increasing the communication gap.


Handling the Negative and offensive acts on Social Platforms

                “Offense is an event. Offended is a choice.”

Steve Furtick

  • Whenever we face such an issue, we should immediately report the comments, messages and the profile of the troller. Also, take a screenshot of it as proof.
  • Don’t panic and deal with it smartly.
  • Never ignore such criticism as it spoils your image too.
  • Never delete such messages and comments as it can prove you guilty.
  • Neither delay to report about such acts nor take it as a common thing and ignore.
  • Social media platforms should filter the comments and then make it public as such comments also deteriorate their brand image.


The person if found guilty in any of the following cases can be arrested under the IT Act. The punishment can be in the form of a fine or imprisonment for 3 years.

  • uploading any offensive content
  • uploading fake news intentionally that can cause violence
  • posting content to provoke people or spoil the image of an innocent person
  • any email or message that has inappropriate content etc.


So, use your social media platforms for good motives. Use it not just for insulting someone or for causing any nuisance. Also, if you see someone else misusing this platform then never fail to report about it.