Uniqueness in Awadhi cuisine is incredible. Awadh as we all know is famous for its Nawabi culture and food. There are a lot of places where we can find some mouth-watering dishes originated by the late chefs of Awadh. In this, we will talk about the famous places you should visit in Lucknow, if you are a foodie. Lucknow, City of Nawabs is famous after the cuisine introduced by late Wajid-Ali-Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh. This second largest populated city in Awadh is known for its Ganga-jamuna tehzeeb(respect). The blend of various cultures here represents the solidarity of humanity.


Famous for chikankari, tunday kebab, malai makhan, kesariya kulfi and much more this city holds historic significance as well. Imambara, clock tower, residency, the British library and what not waits for you. Here people follow a simple rule ” Muskuraiye aap Lucknow me hai”, as it is also referred as the happiest city in Awadh. Talking about the delicious flavours of Lucknow, foodies it’s a pleasure to be here.

Flavours you should never miss, when in Lucknow (ye nai khaya toh kya khaya!)

1) Tunday kababi (Aminabad) 

This joint is famous for its non-vegetarian crowd. You will get mouth melting delicious kebabs here. Rumali roti is a kind of Indian bread served with meat recipes. And kebabs are made of mincemeat. But Tunday kababi of Aminabad is specially known for its galgotia kebabs. They are made with the softest mincemeat and will melt in your mouth in the first go. Sheermaal is sweet and savoury bread served with non-vegetarian dishes. My meat lovers come on!!

2) Prakash Ki kulfi (Aminabad)

A sweet tooth? This place is definitely yours. The best time for this Indian ice-cream is summers. This natural milk made ice cream has some authentic flavours of cardamom and saffron. Not only this but when you will visit Lucknow in summers , you might get a chance to taste other flavours as well like mango, kesariya, badam, pista kulfi. This famous shop is the oldest joint selling kulfi in Lucknow and now has its branches all over the place. The oldest one lies in Aminabad itself.

3) Jagdish Ki chat (Chowk) 

Welcome to the heaven of delicacies! Chowk is widely known for its halwais (the people who cook sweets traditionally). Chat is popular in many places outside Lucknow but people here believe that Lucknow has some authentic chat joints which are very different from other cities. Jagdish Ki chat is located in Chowk often referred as the old city of Lucknow. Here you get savoury dishes like pani puri, tikki chat, dahi bada and papdi chat and much more. I will not tell you how they are made. Come here and witness the making as well as enjoy the taste of Lucknow.

4) Idrees ki biryani (Chowk)

This biryani location is specifically for my non vegetarian friends. I must say Lucknow has very much to offer you if you love non vegetarian dishes. Awadhi is all about Chikan and mutton. This biryani joint is a local shop selling delicious biryani from ages to its happy customers. Not all fancy restaurants offer such a tasty meal like this biryani joint. It can be called as a street food but more over people of Lucknow love the authenticity in its traditional flavour and serving style. You might have heard of Hyderabadi biryani but this is Lucknowi flavour which holds its Nawabi culture in every bite you take.

5) Rahim Ki Nahari (Chowk)

Again in Chowk this is run by Mr Rahim. His famous dish is very well known for its side dish meat curry. But this kulche with its side dish meat curry combination is called as Nahari. Founded by his late great grandfather, this place is very famous among the locals in old Lucknow. People love the old style of cooking despite all the facilities. This place is famous for continuing its traditional recipe from ages. Someone has rightly said flavours of urban cooking are much heavier than modern cooking standards. In Lucknow you will find people with Muslim religion to love these incredible dishes but here you will be amazed by the brotherhood culture between religions when it comes to food.

6) The Mughals Dastarkhwan (Hazratganj)

This place as the name suggests is quite known for mughalai food. Till now you already know that people of Lucknow are quite fond of non-vegetarian food. This Nawabi culture is in the blood of Lucknow as well as in its food. The Mughals and Nawabs have quite common food culture as well as Nawabi food is well prepared in Lucknow. We believe in respecting people and their food priorities “phele aap” is the culture in Lucknow. Dastarkhwan is not like a local shop but a famed restaurant opened in the streets of Hazratganj. People of every age are welcomed here and enjoy the delicious delicacies available here moreover it is quite common in youngsters. Mouth-watering Biryani, Naan, meat curries and delicious kebabs will trickle down your throat and you will be forced to come to Lucknow to visit and witness such a favour.

7) Neetram ki Imarti (Aminabad)

Craving for something sweet Lucknow is a place! You might be wondering that while Chowk and Aminabad is so famous for food but unlike other places in Lucknow these two are also known as old Lucknow quite famous for its food. There are many places where you can buy sweets in Lucknow but I am sure none of them can make Imartis like Neetram of Lucknow. This is a small sweet shop which has a restaurant of its own. Puri sabji, khaste and what not are served here but what it is famous for is it sweet mouth-watering melodies Imartis. This sweet dish of Awadhi cuisine is served with hot sugar syrup topped with creamy and sweet milk made rabdi. What a combination a hot sweet dish with a mild cold topping. Sounds delicious!! This sweet dish is common in other cities as well but here in Lucknow the respect you get while eating is remarkable. We worship food and love each and every ingredient. That’s Awadhi cuisine!!

Lucknow is a culture, a story and a small world in itself. More is less and less is more here. The more we say the more is hidden about Lucknow and its cuisine. So I would like to welcome you in this land of respect, food, culture and heritage. There are still many places left to discuss and to learn about Lucknow and its culture but not many things can be written down. Visit Lucknow and make yourself fall in love with its culture and food tradition.

Muskuraiye aap Lucknow main hai !