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fashion trends that will rule in 2021

Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2021

It’s time for 2021! Getting into a new year means more than just revolutions. Since 2021 has already begun, it’s time to pull new things out of the closet. We all know that fashion is cyclical. The previous year came up with some really strange

10 most underrated jobs that pay well

10 Most Underrated Jobs That Pay Well

While your peers and elders are into medical and engineering fields, tallying balance sheets or in a ‘Sarkari Naukri, if normal screams boring into your face, this list of 10 Most Underrated Jobs That Pay Well is surely for you!

love is a beautiful word poster Blogger Bunny

LOVE Is A Beautiful Word (Not-Cliche)!

“LOVE” is a very beautiful word. It is special. ‘Love’ is a word that can be beautiful and painful at the same time. Beautiful for a person who is in love because they got everything. Painful for a person who had a heartbreak or lost