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Union Budget of India - Things to Know feature image

Union Budget of India – Things to Know

The Government of India presents the Union Budget of India, on the first day of February so that it could be materialised before the beginning of the new financial year in April. However, until 2016 the Finance minister presented the budget on the last working


10 MAJOR Personal Finance Mistakes to Avoid

Managing personal finances or rather learning to manage personal finance is a huge part of ‘adulting’. Like it or not, we won’t always have caring parents and responsible siblings taking care of us all the time. Managing our finances properly is a big step towards

The Plight of Indian Farmers

What is the condition of farmers? Agriculture is the most popular occupation in rural India. It is the only source of income for many rural families. The Indian farmer works hard day and night and provides us with a variety of vegetables, pulses, etc. But