“Beauty fades but, the essence of your personality stays forever”  truly said.

What is beauty? 

That perfect body? That toned figure? That cheerful smile? Those mesmerizing eyes? Or that fair skin?

The definition of beauty lies within your mental thinking. It’s true though that the above-mentioned things do look beautiful at a glance.

You might get awestruck at a glance when you see a person looking attractive, physically.  

How many times has it happened that you saw someone looking better than you outwardly and then you look at your own self wondering why don’t you look the same?

Then, you end up comparing yourself with that person.  Isn’t it weird that you don’t even know that person and still you think that person is better than you? Why?  just because they might be a little more attractive looking than you?  That is when you start feeling inferior and less confident.  You start doubting yourself, you start doubting your own capabilities. Thoughts gather in your mind and, that is when your peace of mind is harmed. You think that you don’t look beautiful, people won’t like your personality because of your physical appearance.  

In such situations, even genuine compliments feel fake. They make you wonder if maybe these compliments are only meant to make you feel giddy for a while and then, fade. You feel bad, don’t you? less attractive? less confident? Of course, yes. 

Am I normal? Am I worth it?

Yes, you are normal and worth those compliments.

It’s not something that happens with just one person. It’s a human tendency that happens with everyone. That inferiority complex when you see someone looking, living, doing better than you in his or her life aspects.

No, it’s not a disease. It’s completely natural and something that everyone goes through. Should this be a major concern? Could this actually harm your mental health? Should this actually make you feel under-confident? Could this actually affect your life in a different way or, maybe let’s say, in a negative way? 

Isn’t it true that we all have watched the surplus amount of motivational videos on YouTube and on other social media platform? Especially, when it is on the topic self-love. But have you ever thought about why we need a motivational speaker to tell us that we must love ourselves or we must love the way we look? 

We all absolutely agree with the fact that when will look good, we feel good and when we feel good, we feel happy and confident. It feels extremely amazing when someone compliments you for your smile or eyes or any other external body part. Well, that’s human behaviour. We all love getting compliments.

For example

Let’s take an example of two people, let say X and Y, where X has received an enormous amount of compliments whereas Y haven’t received a single one. Maybe she is not that good looking in the eyes of people. She feels betrayed. We all have been in place of Y at some point in our lives and felt disgusted, heartbroken.

We often judge a person’s behaviour from their outward appearance. 

She’s skinny, maybe she is under-confident. She’s beautiful, must be having a lot of attitudes. He is fat, perhaps he never went to the gym. She is tall and fair, definitely deserves to be a model. We all hear such things daily.

We look at a person and decide to approach them on the basis of their physical appearance knowing little about their behaviour. 

A person could be extremely good looking and attractive but is it necessary that the same person has knowledge too? or a good behaviour towards everyone? Whereas a person could be not so good looking but that person could be a genius with the capability to achieve everything and anything!

The Truth

We are what God made us. We are what our parents’ genes have made us out to be. You can’t control the way you look, and the way your features are. But you can definitely control how you feel about yourself.

You don’t need someone to remind you that you are beautiful or handsome, you can practice self-love. You should look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are beautiful, attractive and can conquer the world.

Well, this is the bitter truth, indeed that we live in a society where fairness creams advertisements gather the most amount of attention. People still believe that a fair skin tone is more beautiful and attractive. That is why most of the girls and boys think they are not beautiful because they are dusky.

That is when they end up trying all possible ways, remedies and products to get a fair skin tone. But this is the universal truth that you cannot change your skin tone without surgery or some really expensive treatments. When you don’t achieve the kind of result you expected from that surgery or fairness product, you start hating yourself. 

It is high time that everyone realizes that physical appearance is temporary. Beauty will fade as time passes by. Our personality and your works will be talked about after your death. So instead of focusing on the toned body or a fair skin start taking care of your mental as well as physical health.

Do not starve yourself to get that toned waist. Don’t fall prey to Harsh Dieting. Don’t force yourself to look a certain way, just accept the body that you have. Just accept the kind of physical appearance you have. Your beauty is much more than societal norms. Let your ambitions define you.