I always have the next three scripts or the next three content pieces in my head, so there is no time to sit and feel bad about something”.
From an engineering student to a youtuber with around 2.78 Million subscribers, Ranveer Allahbadia has come a long way.
His YouTube channel named ‘Beerbiceps’  has grown tremendously and is loved by all.
The quality content and hard work speaks for itself.
He is one of the OG influencers in the Indian social media community.
Ranveer was just an ordinary kid, like all of us.
Topped his 12th board examinations and was very keen to become an engineer, as he said in one of his seminars engaging with college students.
He’s just 27 years old who started his personal fitness journey in the year 2014.
Today he has two brands to his credit– Beerbiceps and Monk Entertainment.

( Image source- Instagram) 

What makes his journey special?


Ranveer was a chubby kid and went through gallbladder removal surgery in 2009. By the end of 2011, he had undergone two surgeries at this point, he decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
During his fat to fit journey, he completed a certificate course with Peak Performance, a fitness academy.
The turning point of his life was when he failed in his first year of engineering.
The lack of concentration and getting into the habit of drinking alcohol, and he was also going through a heartbreak at the same time.
This was the moment that made him what he is today.
On that very day he got a tattoo to let himself remind of this very phase of his life, to motivate himself as he says, ” main isse jab bhi dekhta hoon, I get motivated ki main isse nikal gya to baki sab bhi ho jayega” .
In one of his interviews he said, “people do gyming to get biceps, triceps etc. but I do gyming to keep myself mentally healthy.”.
He said, it just takes him one gyming session to get over something that keeps disturbing him.

Purpose of Beerbiceps:


Ranveer started his YouTube channel solely for the purpose of fitness.
It is an ultimate self improvement and self help channel.
It was dedicated to fitness freaks and health enthusiasts.
Eventually, he started making content covering men’s fashion and grooming tips and tricks, and now the channel even talks about mental health, meditation and entrepreneurship.
The channel premiers a talk show named “The Ranveer Show”, in which he interacts with social media influencers and impressive personalities, talks about their journey and road to success.
He has interacted with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Bravo, Shilpa Shetty, Saif Ali Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Rajkumar Rao, Ronnie Screwvala, Boman Irani, Sadhguru, Ayushmann Khurana, Gaur Gopal Das etc.
He has interviewed various talented Indian Youtubers like Carry Minati, Ashish Chanchalani, Mostlysane, Komal Pandey to name a few.
“I am a nerd at heart, I want to keep working forever and that’s why I launched Monk Entertainment”.


What is Monk Entertainment?


He launched Monk Entertainment along with his friend, Viraj Seth, as a co-founder in 2018.
It is a digital company dabbling in various domains.
Video production, brand marketing, social media management and content creation are the various fields involved.
The team is already managing some famous YouTube India’s talents like
Be Younick, Aksh Baghla, Flying Beast and Niharika NM.
He was one of the guest writers of the fitness magazine ‘Aesthetic Indian’ which is India’s first free fitness magazine.
He is too determined to serve quality content to the viewers and believes in hard works.
 I always have the next three scripts or the next three content pieces in my head, so there is no time to sit and feel bad about something”.

His Source Of Inspiration And Motivation:


He thanks Tanmay Bhatt- co-founder of AIB, who lost a tremendous amount of weight watching his videos.
He told in one of his interviews that it was Tanmay who introduced him to the world of media and also advised him to work in other fields apart from fitness, such as clothing and fashion.
And that is how he developed an interest in fashion and thanks Tanmay for the same.
Apart from YouTube, he also earned a huge fan base on his other social media handles with a huge fan following of around 1M on Instagram.
His net worth is of Rs 3-4 crore (approx.) as in 2020.
He is an adherent follower of Sadhguru, and practices mediation as well.
He also uploads contents based on motivation and guides, especially for teenagers.
In 2018 he made another channel with the name ‘Beerbiceps Tamil’, in which he delivers the same content but in Tamil.
He uses voice over for the same as he doesn’t know Tamil.
A professional fitness trainer and coach and also earns from various sponsorships.
He is the perfect example of someone starting something from scratch.
A role model for today’s youth.
His motivational speeches and personal life experiences are too influencing.
He is the man who goes onwards and upwards as the name suggests from beer to biceps.
He turned his weakness and addictions into his strength and is now inspiring others to do the same.
“Challenging yourself is the biggest challenge” ~ Ranveer Allahbadia