Okay, I will be frank, as soon as I hear weightlifting, an image of a muscular bodybuilder is formed in my mind. Don’t lie! You also think about weightlifting as a synonym to bodybuilding, right? However, weightlifting has many more benefits than to increase our muscle mass. In this blog, we will be talking about the benefits of weightlifting. Let’s dive right into it.

Benefits of Weightlifting

Strong Bones

With an increase in our age, our bones start becoming weak and losing mass. Weightlifting helps in strengthening our bones.

Weight loss

It helps us in fat loss and boosts our metabolism. It gives us the right posture and makes our muscles look more defined. Weightlifting keeps us away from diseases and eliminates lethargicness.

In fact, the benefits of weightlifting for weight loss is great but Side effects of Harsh Dieting are ignored by people.

Improves sleep cycle

Like other exercises, weightlifting to helps us to improve heart rate. As a result, we feel energetic and more focused. It gives us some positive vibes and hence, we become more organized. Also, it helps us to sleep soundly and the problem of waking up during the night is also resolved.

Increase your physical as well as mental strength

No doubt weightlifting targets our core and makes us stronger than before. Moreover, it also releases some good hormones that reduce stress and increase our concentration power. Thus, it is a complete power pack that makes us healthy physically as well as mentally.

Improve personality and boosts confidence  

Weightlifting helps us to manage our weight, improve our flexibility and also increases our strength. Overall, it improves our personality and makes us a more confident person than before. It motivates us to perform better in every field.

Delay body ageing  

The amount of sweat secreted in weightlifting is totally worth it. Weightlifting gives us good skin, good hair, good body and shape. It helps to repair our cells and delays ageing. It also saves us from the joint pain that is commonly visible in elderly people.

Less risk of Diabetes

Weightlifting helps to control sugar levels, thereby reducing the chances of contracting diabetes. In addition, our heart health will improve too.

However, there are many myths related to weightlifting.

Myths related to weightlifting

  1. It is not meant for women as lifting weights would them look manly.
  2. Weightlifting makes people look muscular and heavyweight.
  3. Weightlifting can only be done by professional sportspersons.
  4. Lifting weights damage our body etc.

Well, these myths are established not because weightlifting is bad. This is because people do not follow the right technique while doing weightlifting. And when they don’t get the desirable result, they put the blame on the exercises. 

Proper ways to get the benefits of weightlifting

  1. First of all, make a chart of weightlifting exercises for beginners and then learn the correct technique to perform them. You can take help from YouTube or any professional for this.
  2. Start with weights slightly heavier than what you can hold. Don’t compare yourself with others and don’t start practising with heavyweights straight away as this can result in an injury.
  3. Give complete rest to the muscle group you practised weightlifting with of almost 48 hours. You can plan different days for different muscle groups.
  4. Eat a healthy diet. Doing these exercises without a proper diet will make you weak.
  5. Don’t leave this routine. Try to do these exercises at least 5 days a week. Failing to do so will give you no benefits also. Moreover, you have to put a lot of effort to do these exercises.

5 MUST-DO Weightlifting exercises

The significance of exercise in life cannot be stressed enough. If you want that perfect body shape then these five best weightlifting exercises must be done regularly.


It helps you to stretch biceps and triceps muscles and also strengthen your upper body.


This exercise targets your lower body and helps to tone your legs. 


Planks work on your whole body as it includes the use of arms, legs, abdomen area. It helps to flatten your tummy and saves you from back pain. Also, it helps to improve your balance.


Doing this exercise increases your grip strength and improves your fitness level.


It gives you an amazing back and thickens your muscles.

“If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” – Bret Contreras

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