Games are such amazing applications that have been created to entertain us. Games are fun to play but a lot of time is wasted on games. They make our brains relaxed and make us feel good about things. Nevertheless, when such entertainment turns into gaming addiction, we are often unaware. This blog acknowledges gaming addiction and 4 ways to stop gaming addiction.

The Gaming Problem


Do you think gaming addiction is good? No, right? It is fine to play games for some time but not all the time. However, extreme gaming can become a serious problem. I hope that you understand the issue. Before going straight into the 4 ways to stop gaming addiction, let us talk about the gaming problem. 

Games can even have other effects on our brain such as making us get more violent. Some games may seem interesting but in the end, they are just wasting your precious time.

There is even something known as a “Gaming Disorder”. Yes, gaming addiction and gaming disorder are real! It is something not that hard to identify as a lot of its symptoms can be recognized if you stay alert. 

The symptoms of gaming disorder are:

  1. Unable to think about anything else but gaming.
  2. Getting extremely sad when not getting to play games.
  3. Not wanting to do other things that you used to like.
  4. Facing problems in other areas of life because of playing too many games.
  5. Games making you feel that they will reduce your bad mood and other forms of suffering.

Symptoms of gaming disorder

These are just a few of the symptoms that I have mentioned. You can read more about it here. You will now be able to understand better about gaming disorder and gaming addiction. Of course, not everyone who plays suffers from gaming addiction. Research has found that only a few people out of all become victims of gaming addiction. Still, why must we take a risk? Let us all make a promise to ensure that we will not let games interfere with our other important things. 

Now, we can dive straight into the 4 ways to stop gaming addiction.

4 Ways to Stop Gaming Addiction

We need to keep ourselves in check whenever we are playing a game and ask if it is going to affect us in any way. There are many ways in which we can prevent ourselves from getting addicted. The 4 ways in which we can stop ourselves from getting addicted are as follows:

1. Set Time Limit

Play a game only for a limited amount of time only. Do not let yourself go beyond that limit to play any game. Set an alarm if needed.

Our bodies will release a kind of chemical to the brain that will make us feel good when we play games. Hence, it may not be easy but you have to defeat that feeling and get back to your work once you have reached the time limit. You can always take just another short break to play the game again but only when you have nothing else to do.

This way to deal with gaming addiction also improves self-control. However, if the addiction is a lot, this might not prove effective.

2. Keep your phone away

I understand that our phones have become very important to us, hasn’t it? But we have started using our phones for more things than they were meant to be used for.

Try to make minimum use of your phone. Use your phone only for things that are important such as searching for information, making phone calls, and so on. Keep your phone away from you whenever you feel like playing games on it.

Keep your phone at a distance in the night before you go to sleep. It has been found that humans tend to play games on their phones at night when they do not get sleep. Looking at your phone screen at night will only add to the problem of not getting sleep.

Ways to stop addiction

Remember that No Good Sleep, No Good Health.

3. Do more physical activities

In your daily routine add things that will keep your body busy. Try to not sit in one place as once you will sit near your phone, you will feel like doing something on your phone.

Keep moving in some way, stretch your body, search for things around you that you can do rather than sitting and playing on your phone. You will be able to use the time that you usually used to waste on your phone for doing something more productive.

In fact, here are some DIY projects to do when bored.

4. Uninstall the Addictive Games

Ask yourself which games make you feel like you cannot live without them. Done? Now try and understand why do you like playing these games? There must be something you like a lot about it.

Last on the list of best 4 ways to stop gaming addiction: Uninstall the games that seem addictive. You can easily survive without any of those games or apps. Once you uninstall the games you may think twice before downloading them again and that will help you understand better if you need those games or not. Trust me you won’t need those games or apps!

We think that we do not need to uninstall those games and we can just ignore them but at times we may end up going back to those games. Find something else outside your phone that will make you feel the same as these games used to make you feel.

You can do better things in your life once you learn to detach yourself from addictive things. Please be careful and pay attention to such harmful things such as gaming addiction.

Do more physical exercise inorder to stop gaming addiction

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