When we eat food, we don’t like it vapid, do we? Everyone devours food when some spice gets added to it because spice gives taste to our food. A similar thing works with life as well. Life becomes more interesting and more enjoyable when it consists of different spices and the best spice for life is FRIENDSHIP.

In our childhood, many of us must have made some friends with whom we have lost contact over the years as we grew older. Then we made some friends in our teenage or in our adulthood with whom we tried to stay in contact but because of busy schedules we couldn’t. All these types of friends fall under the category of “Good Friends” or “Close Friends”.  But there is one more category of friends, the most important one, that is “True Friends” or “Best Friends“. They are those who know about us more than we do, they understand our mood by just having a look at our face. In today’s world, it’s very rare to have true friends. So if one comes into our life we should cherish them!

close friends best friends

When I was a child, I used to think that it was very easy to make friends. But at that time, I didn’t know that having friends was a different thing and having true friends was a whole another thing. With passing years, I have realized that making true friends is one of the biggest hurdles of life. A true friend is the one whom you can call at midnight and say, ” I am in trouble.. ” and then you would find that person in front of your house in the next 5 minutes. And trust me if you do have such a person in your life then you are extremely lucky. 

I have seen many people who think a girl should only have a girl best friend or a boy should only have a boy best friend. Are you among these people? If yes, then you will be going to change your mind after reading this blog. 

 You can find your true friend or best friend in anyone, be it your parents, your pets or your siblings. Friendship has no restrictions and no gender. If you are a boy/girl, then there are great chances that you might have a best friend from your opposite gender.

friendship is a gift box

If friendship is a gift box, then true friends are the gifts inside them. True friends are the ones who are famous in our family more than us. They stand with us through our bad times and see the best in us despite all the shortcomings. They hold us tight when we feel low and stand by our side when we are alone. True friends lift the child’s spirit inside us. They love us without judging and having any expectations. They support us in every situation of our lives and make us laugh when we want to cry. However, there are times when these true friends might not be there with us in person but they will always be secured in our heart. Forever.

Friendship has no boundaries. It doesn’t need daily conversations. As long as friendship lives in the heart, true friends will never get apart. If you think that your true friend would be a person who lives next to your door or to whom you meet daily, then you are wrong. No matter how far you are and how frequently you talk with a person, if you both talk to each other with the same excitement and energy level that you both used to do when you were together then, undoubtedly, you can call that person your best friend. Best friends leave an impression on our hearts that will never fade away. 

Friends are like family members. Though we don’t have any blood relation with them, still they care for us like our family.  Stay tuned with blogger bunny for such more interesting blogs. Also, visit our blog TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life.