What was your first thought after you got over with your board exams? The thought of joining the best college, isn’t it? College life seems to be like a reincarnation of you with new freedom and opportunities.

Some of you might have decided to move to a new place in order to build your career. The enthusiasm of hostel life. It’s, usually, the first time a person stays away from home. The excitement to join college, meeting new people but somewhere down there, you might be nervous too.

How will the new city welcome me? Will it treat me well? How will I make new friends? Will I ever find a true friend in these new people? Will I ever be able to get used to the new changes?

These are the various thoughts a person indulges in when he or she is about to join college and start this new journey – college life. Remember that moment when you told your friends that you are joining this college and moving to this place? The numbness you felt, the fear of losing your best friend? Remember that last hug? Remember his or her lectures?

Obviously, you’ll find new people but the old ones will always remain close to your heart, kyunki  jaate nhi khi rishte purane kisi naye ke aa jane se”. 

My story –

Let me tell you my story, we were a group of three. Luckily the two of us ended up in the same college, and the day we three met before parting ways it was such a heartbreaking moment.

Not everybody is lucky enough to have the same friend both in school and college, but I was the lucky one,(sighs). Remember the first day of your college?

The nervousness and excitement taking over every other thought and emotion right? The moment you stepped in your class, all those new faces, anxiety at its peak right? Then you talked and shared, asked questions, and gradually, you became friends with those new faces. Now you call them your home, a family away from family, isn’t it?

Because eventually, we all are in the same boat, looking for a friend and that level of comfort. Some of you might have experienced all of this, some might be about to experience all of this.

Everybody’s journey is different, but you all will agree that it is the best day of one’s life. Bunking classes, chilling with friends at the canteen, making fun of each other. All these add up to the memory album which you’ll look back after your college will be over.

“College is the reward for surviving high school.” – Judd Apatow

Is college life better than school life?

The constant pressure to do better in academics than others in order to get admission in college was the major goal for most of us.

In college, the same pressure changes to getting a job.

Many will agree that college life is better than school life. It’s because you don’t just give yourself into studying strictly for long hours, though there’s nothing bad in doing so. But we are humans and need a break. School life is no doubt the best phase of one’s life, but college life too is just as fun as school life. It is, actually, more fun

You learn to be independent, self countered, and learn to manage and handle situations on your own. College is a period of keenness and passion. We try to implement all that we learned in school. You learn new things, new experiences, meet new people and find your second home.

5 things you learn in your college life:

“College inspired me to think differently. It’s like no other time in your life.” – Lari Oleynik

● True friendships are rare:

You know a lot of people, a lot of people know you but are you guys really friends?
“Yaar sb aise hi hote hai, no one cares” yes, no one actually cares. So please, keep moving.

● Self-reliance:

At the end of the day, you have to be your own savior. No matter what happens aapko solutions khud hi nikalne honge, padhna bhi khud hi hoga.

● Skill development:

Yes, those college fests teach you a lot of things. From learning the meaning of teamwork to developing new skills they teach you a lot and even help in enhancing the old ones.

● Hostel life:

Whether you learn anything or not, you’ll definitely learn the importance of “Ghar ka khana”. The struggle is real, apt for this one. You learn the importance of being a good person, as your roommate can be a pain in the ass.

● Unplanned things work out best:

Those unplanned road trips, unplanned hangout sessions, unplanned Maggi khana at 3 in the morning. They are the best part of college life.

So now you know that to make a plan successful, you actually don’t have to plan it out. Many of you end up meeting your soulmates in college, some learn the meaning of love and some try and move on with their life. Some find their family in the new faces, some struggle hard to find even a single worthy person.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character––that is the goal of true education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

That’s exactly what college life is about, intelligence plus character.
You learn, you evolve. It’s all about you.

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