Different colours evoke different emotions in humans. The warm colours may evoke emotions ranging from a sense of warmth to wrath whereas cool colours such as Sky blue and green can make a person feel calm. Although the taste in colours differs from person to person, there is a basic generalised significance of each colour. This is analysed through the study of colours which is also known as Colour Psychology. It is the study of colours as a determining factor of human behaviour

Few colours and their significance in human behaviour

Red Colour

Red is the most visible colour in the whole spectrum of colours because of its wavelength. This colour has the most contradictory emotions associated with it. This colour symbolises energy, excitement, passion, love as well as anger and danger. Due to its ability to grab attention, it’s usually used in danger and warning signs. This also explains the usage of the term ‘red flags’. 

Yellow Colour 

The colour yellow stands for happiness and positivity. This is one reason why your mom might have asked you to wear that yellow dress on an auspicious occasion. It’s a cheerful colour with a touch of optimism. Many brands use this colour in their logos as a symbol to stay optimistic. 

Green Colour 

The green colour clearly signifies nature. Apart from that, it’s a colour that stands for health, growth and prosperity. This is why most healthcare brands have a touch of green hue in their banners. 

Green is also the colour of envy. 

significance of red, yellow, green, blue according to colour psychology

Blue Colour 

The colour blue stands for calmness and trust especially the shades which are closely related to the sea and the sky. Blue is a very deep colour. Hence it also symbolises negative emotions such as coldness and depression. Otherwise, the colour can evoke a sense of harmony and stability in people. 

Orange Colour 

Orange is a colour that symbolises creativity, enthusiasm and adventure. It’s not as dominant as red but it can still catch the attention of people. It’s a fun colour. You might have seen the logo of Nickelodeon channel which perfectly suits it as it’s a kid’s channel and a creative platform.

Purple Colour 

Purple is considered to be a Royal colour. Hence, it signifies nobility, spirituality and luxury. It sometimes denotes arrogance. The overuse of this colour can also lead to feelings of frustration. 

significance of orange, purple, black and white in human behaviour

Black Colour 

The black colour is symbolic of power, elegance and mystery. In contrast, it also stands for passive anger and sadness. The association of this colour with fear and death is also very common. In business aspects, black is a sign of professionalism. In some culture, black denotes mourning as well. 

White Colour 

The white colour stands for innocence, cleanliness and peace. It represents heavenly and truthful feelings. A bride wearing white symbolises her holiness in Christianity  On the contrary, this colour may also symbolise mourning and sterility. 

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