Some people suffer from constant dis-functioning in their brains. Due to which they act differently, think differently. They are always concerned about every detail in their life. This condition is often underestimated. As we might not be suffering. But we never think about having a personality disorder. Do you always feel lonely? Or maybe something haunts you and you hear whispers of your name? I am sure some things may have happened in the past. You might have thought that this is some kind of sign for you? If these things happen with you rarely, then it is completely fine. If such things happen at regular intervals. Then, it can be a symptom of personality disorders.

What is a personality disorder problem? 

In simple words, a personality disorder can be defined as a mental and behavioral disorder.

Monitor your behavior, thinking, and activities with the help of a person. Visit a nearby doctor immediately because these disorders take seconds to become life-threatening.

How to identify personality disorder problems in a person?

If you want to check for personality disorder problems in a person. First, you need to have someone to monitor them closely and record their behavior. A person who is suffering from such conditions often shows consistent symptoms of anger, depression, irritation, anxiety, changes in statements and sometimes they can even forget certain things they have done before. You need to record each and every activity of the person and write it down. How they react in a particular situation or to a specific person. Record details of the person whom you think are suffering and check if he/she is behaving normally or aggressively. 

In fact, one should always remain conscious and observant of the behavior of their near and dear ones. People who struggle with mental health can be first identified by changes in their behavior. You should also read more about Depression – A Common Flu of This Era to know more about basic mental health.

A personality disorder is a problem that can cause drastic changes in a person’s personality. He may be calm and sophisticated at some point. While ignorant and repulsive at another. Such people can harm themselves and also the society they are living in.

5 Personality Disorders

Paranoid personality disorder

This kind of personality disorder is more like a psychopathic condition in which the person behaves aggressively.dangerous personality disorders

They are not able to trust people and is often suspicious about others and their motives. 

The person suffering has realistic beliefs that others are planning to harm him. He imagines situations and considers himself fighting the odds where he can harm himself.

If someone tells them something, they believe that they are innocent. That the other person is insulting them, attracting their self-respect.

They can show anger and sudden behaviour changes. Are often referred to as “shakki” in common language. They have a tendency to feel separated and cheated by their partners.

 If you notice these symptoms in someone close, consider recording and then consulting a professional doctor for proper treatment.

Schizoid personality disorder

These kinds of people show a lack of interest in social activities, personal relationships. They mostly prefer to be alone.schizoid

 These people have difficulty in expressing themselves to others. They are conscious of how they look. About what they are talking about, about how they appear to others.

These people have a limited range of emotional expressions and have difficulty opening up to people. They also have improper behavior in social and societal activities.

These people often resist taking part in any kind of gatherings. They are not the partying kind of people. They usually seem cold and have an aura of coldness around them.

Often referred to as “darpok or lonely people”. They have no interest in making relationships and in engaging in any kind of physical activity with their partners. 

If you find these symptoms in any of your friends, neighbors, or your partner, consult a doctor before things get out of control.

Antisocial personality disorder

As the name suggests these people are antisocial in nature. They prefer loneliness over partying.anti social They show no sympathy or any kind of emotional significance to another person’s feelings. If you tell them how happy or sad your situation is or even if you cry in front of them. They show no emotion.

These emotional fewer creatures love cheating; lying about things and actions like stealing attracts them. They have criminal mind-sets and often refrain from the laws.

 These are against the laws and regulations that stop them from doing criminal activities.

Aggressive and violent behavior, repeated violation of the rights. Disregard for the safety of others, as well as, themselves is a major symptom in antisocial personality disorder.

Rudeness in tone, lack of responsibility, and irritable behavior is shown by these people. These kinds of symptoms, if not treated on time, can lead to bloomed criminals.

Dependent personality disorder

People with dependent personality disorder are dependent on nature. They are like a child, in a constant need of attention and care. Extremely low, or in some cases no, self-confidence.dependent

They believe they can’t do anything on their own. These people suffer from panic attacks constantly because the fear of failure strikes them whenever they feel alone.

They need attention; they need you to stick around them 24/7. These infants required excessive advice every now and then in their life.

They have a fear of being left alone. They are afraid that people will leave them at some point. These people are afraid they will be alone in the world of chaos.

Fear of disapproval and difficulty in doing any project or assignment on their own. They have very little tolerance for abusive behavior and can become a “cry baby” anytime.

Their life is surrounded by their close ones. If by any means anyone leaves them, they need to start a new relationship soon. 

Such people crave attention. Excessive symptoms of dependent personality disorder can lead to suicidal thoughts in losing hope and self-confidence. 

Dissociative Identity Disorder (most dangerous, aka Dual Personality Disorder) dual personality

Dissociative identity disorder is also known as multiple personality disorder.

 Sometimes, people are assumed to have dual personalities. They behave like one person at some time and some other person at another time. This traumatic condition is characterized by having two or more different personalities. Where one is unknowing to his own reactions when he turns on his other personality.

The same human behaves as two or more different humans without even realizing it. This can happen because people have hidden desires and are often afraid to fulfill them in one role. So, they completely change into a new person and fulfill their desires.

Symptoms may include impulsivity, self-destructive behavior, anxiety, feeling detached from themselves. In some cases, patients even suffer from complete blackouts, flashback memories, and depression. This is the most serious and most dangerous personality disorder. If anyone sees any kind of symptoms, consider seeing a therapist.

Always remember that a qualified medical professional is the best judge. Do not take the matter into your hands and try to cure the patient on your own. Victims of personality disorders need acknowledgment and acceptance along with therapy and medicines.

These were the 5 personality disorders that I find quite scary. These are also quite common in various intensities. Still, the majority of the masses remain unaware and uneducated about mental health issues and personality disorders.