Development is a way to improve the infrastructure of our surroundings. It is a way to upgrade the environment we live in. For instance, all the technological advancements, the roads, the airports, the buildings, etc., are part of development. But development also leads to the destruction of the environment. If we build a road, we have to clear the forests, cut the mountains for it and we also use water and other materials to do the construction. So, we are constructing and destructing at the same time in the process of development. 


Today, countries, like America, are among the developed nations of the world. It has advanced technologies and amazing infrastructure. But do you know, all this development takes a lot from us as well? It is like paying for development by harming the environment. 


Reasons why development is needed.

There are several reasons why development is important to us. These are:


  • To build infrastructure: 

Developing means building infrastructure like roads, railway stations, bridges, etc.. This kind of development is important to build a city and improve the way of living. This eases down the way we travel and further helps us in saving time. 

  • For economic growth:

 A country’s economic growth is defined by how developed a country is. The more developed a country is the better its economy is. The economy also includes the flow of money in the country. 

  • Better standard of living: 

Development helps in improving the standard of living. Development means having all the facilities we need like technologies and homes and vehicles. 

  • Better management system: 

Development helps in improving management systems. Today developed countries have better managing systems. They have proper earthing, proper buildings with elevators, and disaster safety measures. 

  • Better Functioning:

Development helps in better functioning. For example, if we have proper roads, it takes less time to travel from one place to another place. So, we get better connectivity and it is less time-consuming. 


How does development destroy the environment?


Every construction harms our environment in some way or the other way. For example, if we build a building, we have to cut trees and clear that land to build it. So, this way it affects the land and our environment. Development can destroy the environment in certain ways. These ways are:

  • Clearing foresting: 

With construction, we need to clear forests and cut trees. “Once it was all forests and trees and now it is human and its habitat everywhere” is the case here. We are clearing forests to build a shelter for us. This is destroying our environment. 

  • Cost of construction:

 According to the speed with which we are destroying forests, soon there will be a time when we won’t see trees in the cities. It will become a museum piece for future generations. 

  • Loss of habitat: 

We are doing all kinds of development for us and other beings are getting affected by it. We are snatching birds and other beings’ shelter and livelihood just because we want development and just because we want our shelter. 

  • Climate change: 

Climate change is happening and every year there is a rise in temperature. With all the construction, pollution, and deforestation, the climatic temperature is increasing and it is affecting us. Think about this, “we are installing ACs in our homes so that we don’t feel hot and to decrease the temperature inside. But we end up increasing the outside temperature even more.” So, we are harming our environment in the end. 

  • Declining of resources: 

We need water, cement, land and etc., for construction. The more we construct and develop, the more we are using these resources, which are limited. 




With rising levels of development, many animals are on the verge of extinction and many are endangered already. Development costs the lives of other beings. Human beings are developing everything for themselves and they are hurting other beings. Many habitats have been destroyed. Many lives were taken away. For the sake of human beings, the environment is suffering. We are clearing forests and doing construction and it is giving a hike to issues like global warming and climate change. 


We should feed one thing in our minds which is, “With each development, there comes a destruction.” If we take the example of straws, we have plastic straws, paper straws, and steel straws. Most of our country use plastic straws which never get mixed in the soil. Then comes paper straw, for which we need to cut trees and make it. At last, comes steel straw for which we need steel and it has a long life, but we need other materials to build it. So, building one thing will lead to using up something other and affecting it. 


We need to slow down this development. We don’t need EIA. We need our environment’s safety. We don’t need dams; we need more rivers. People, please be mindful of things happening around you. Don’t build unnecessary building structures. Think and use the valuable stuff you have. Try to see the outcome of one action and then do it.