Our diet plays an important role in our life. When we are healthy and fit, we are less prone to diseases. Such is the case of diabetic patients. In this generation, due to lack of time and likeness for nutrition, we prefer packed food which is harmful to us. The human body is made up of 70% water and 30% nutrients. We fail to provide all the necessary ingredients to our body. This article would help you with some known and unknown facts about diabetes.

Diabetes – A dangerous condition

Diabetes is a dangerous disease and can affect any age group. Sometimes, it can be in your body without showing any of its symptoms. There are major two classifications of diabetes type-1 and type-2 diabetes.

This harmful illness has no complete cure. The only way to keep diabetes in control is by eating healthy and staying fit. Symptoms of diabetes may include excessive thirst, urination more than usual, pins and needle sensation in joints and hands, sometimes excess hunger, tiredness, shortness of breath. Some patients can even feel weight loss or immediate weight gain as a result of diabetes.

How to identify if you are suffering from this disease? This is simple, whenever face any of these symptoms in a concerning amount, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Let us discuss more deeply about Diabetes.

Type-1 diabetes

type 1 diabetesType-1 diabetes is a condition in which the immune system destroys the insulin-making cells in the body as a result of which the body is unable to cope up with the sugar intake.

This condition can be found in both young children, as well as, adults of any age. In young children, it is juvenile diabetes.

The destroyed insulin cells cause the body to lose the capability of responding to the high amounts of sugar intake.  Symptoms may include blurred vision, heavy breathing and mood changes. The common symptoms discussed earlier can be seen in the patients.

Type-2 diabetes

type 2 diabetesType-2 diabetes is a lifelong disease in which our body refuses to function with insulin. Here, the cells provide insulin but the body doesn’t accept it. Therefore, leading to the excess storage of blood sugar in the body. This results in high blood sugar levels and type-2 diabetes.

This can affect both children and adults. But in children, it is mainly due to childhood obesity. This kind of diabetes is the most common diabetes, as in this, many people are pre-diabetic.

Symptoms of this diabetes are so mild that many of us don’t even notice them in the initial stages. However, these may be excessive hunger, increased urination, craving sweets more often, excess weight gain and tiredness.

This type of disease can be because of hereditary conditions in your family. There is no complete cure for type-2 diabetes. But, a healthy diet and exercise can control it to extreme limits.

The lifestyle of a diabetic patient

There is a complete diet plan which all diabetic patients should follow in order to be healthy and fit. Being healthy and taking all nutrients in the right amount is needed by our body. Diabetic patients are weak and can catch any disease easily. Therefore, we need to follow certain important steps in order to stay fit.


It is an essential part of our life because if a person eats everything moderately under control then, too, he needs to exercise daily to keep his digestive system healthy. Exercise or any form of yoga in the morning can help in weight reduction and better absorption of sugar in the body.

Eating Habits

If you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic patient, your doctor will refer you to a dietitian. Your dietitian will provide a diet chart with the quantity and quality of food items for you to have at certain intervals of time. Sometimes, your doctor might not suggest you with one, in that case, there are many things you shouldn’t have according to the list mentioned below.

  • Carbohydrates are a complete no-no for a diabetic patient. However, there is nothing you have to completely stop in your diet because deficiency of certain nutrients may lead to another problem in your body. Have it, but in moderate amounts.
  • Proteins are your go-to food. Proteins, like pulses, grains, wheat, legumes, and some low-fat dairy products, like milk, yogurt, and cheese are healthy in moderate amounts.
  • Avoiding fats to an extent is fine but, we can’t leave the healthiest nutrients. Some of them, like dry fruits, are must-have in a diabetic patient’s eating plan. Taking  4-5 soaked almonds daily will help your immunity, as well as, the functioning of your brain cells.
  • Green leafy vegetables. Oh! How can I leave them? Spinach is rich in iron, tomato is, also, rich in iron and calcium, cucumber and all green leafy vegetables should be included in our diet.

It is very important to teach the upcoming generations the importance of a healthy diet. In fact, during the pandemic, Health and Fitness During COVID19 Outbreak is a major concern. A healthy lifestyle includes some kind of exercise or yoga, a healthy diet full of all the nutrients in the right amounts and a night of good sound sleep. Many of us are able to follow this routine but, now and again, we switch to unhealthy food habits like fast food. These commercials we see on televisions attract us to buy unhealthy packed food which contains harmful preservatives for our body.