Do you often feel confused by words such as bisexual or pansexual? Has Google not answered you well about different sexualities? Do you feel embarrassed to ask someone the meaning of these terms? Have you been shunned away when you try to know more about several different sexualities and orientations? No worries with Blogger Bunny! Here is a blog dedicated to raising awareness about different sexualities that you Must know about.

Gender and sexuality are two concepts that are often complex and confusing. It can be hard to go towards the path of knowledge of different sexualities when there are so many twists and turns. 

However, we are here to cover a topic, that is often pushed under the carpet! We’re going to inform you about the different kinds of ‘sexualities’ in human beings, and things you should know about them. But before diving into different sexualities, let us understand sexuality

What is sexuality or sexual orientation?

what is sexual orientation

The sexuality of a person or their sexual orientation states whom the person is attracted to if they are attracted to someone. This attraction is sexual or romantic in nature. The urge of having sexual relationships with another individual is often different for different people. There are a lot of sexualities, and people may also find that their sexuality changes over time. It is often stated that a person’s orientation can be fluid. And this is normal and valid! So, no matter what love yourself because Self-love is one’s own need.

So, let’s start with the most basic and distinguished types of sexualities – ‘allosexuals’ and ‘asexuals’.



Allosexuality must be a new term for you right? It refers to someone who feels sexual attraction to another individual. Sexualities such as bisexuality, homosexuality, heterosexuality, pansexuality, polysexuality, all come under allosexuality!


Asexuality is one of the lesser-known sexualities. It refers to someone who does not experience sexual attraction to any gender. Although they don’t experience any sexual attraction, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have romantic relationships or sexual intercourse which are common myths about asexuality.

Now that we have covered the wide umbrella terms, let us explore some different sexualities.

Different Sexualities You MUST Know About –

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A bisexual is attracted to both genders. However, as we no longer believe in just two genders, society has come up with a better definition. Bisexuality can be understood as the attraction towards your own and other genders. This is done to include the non-binary gender into the definition.


I guess we all know about the term homosexuals and homosexuality. It means attraction to one’s own gender. Homosexuals are commonly known as ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’.


It is often seen as the default sexuality of a human being. Heterosexuality is probably the most well-known sexuality, and is also known as ‘heteronormativity’. It can be defined as an attraction towards gender other than your own but is usually used to refer to binary genders.


Pansexual people are those who are attracted to all genders. Some sources suggest that people who are pansexual don’t care about the gender of an individual to whom they are attracted, though not all agree to this assessment.  


Polysexual people are those who are attracted to two or more genders. That makes bisexuality and pansexuality different types of polysexuality. Yet, people who are polysexual don’t usually use these terms.


This sexual orientation is similar to asexuality. Except, instead of never experiencing sexual attraction, people who are grey-sexual may rarely experience sexual attraction. Despite the occasional sexual attractions, they come under the asexuality umbrella.


Demisexuality is another sexuality under the asexual umbrella. It is considered somewhere in between asexuality and allosexuality. People who identify themselves as demisexuals, experience sexual attraction, but only after a deep emotional bond is created. These people don’t get sexually attracted to strangers.


These two sexualities are lesser-known, outside the LGBT community. But aren’t we here to give you wholesome knowledge?

An androsexual is attracted to a masculine gender presentation. It can be anyone of any gender- man, woman, or non-binary.

On the other hand, a gynosexual individual is someone who is attracted to a feminine gender presentation. This could refer to any individual of any gender orientation.


A sapiosexual is attracted to the intelligence of an individual, rather than their sex or gender. Irene Adler can be quoted as, “Brainy Is The New Sexy”!


An autosexual is sexually attracted to oneself and no one else. Yeah, quite narcissistic, right? Just kidding! 

These people find themselves sexually attractive and can satisfy themselves completely. They are satisfied only through their own internal stimuli.

Sexuality is no more a subject that should remain inside a closet. Many new TV-shows and movies like ‘BoJack Horseman’, ‘The Half of It’, ‘Your Name Engraved herein, etc. explore different kinds of sexualities through the protagonists and throughout the plot.

It’s okay to feel unsure or overwhelmed by all of these different sexualities. We must remember that our sexuality is our personal choice and we should not feel overwhelmed about how we feel.

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