DIY means ‘Do It Yourself’. The small little things we do for ourselves make us what we are. Finding happiness in little day-to-day work is what life is worth living for. Why not invest this time of quarantine in making some interesting DIYs at home? Home decorations, fancy face masks, DIY projects and much more awaits you below. Let’s learn to make our day more interesting and fulfilling by following a few easy steps. 

What is a DIY project?

DIY projects are often referred to as tasks which one does by himself. In simple words, we can say that DIY means something to do on its own. We usually make stuff at home and save money because we think that it is the better way of using homemade pure products. Similarly, nowadays a term DIY is given to all the things one can make at home. For example, our organic homemade healthy face mask recipes passed to us by our grandparents, soap making sessions with mothers, slime making with children  and arts with students. 

How to keep children/ourselves busy with DIY when feeling bored?

This time is very critical for many of us. We all are praying for the health of the nation. This pandemic has almost taken over everything. Moreover, it has started causing major mental problems while all of us are at home suffering from homesickness. But, what about those mothers who are now at home with their children 24/7? Those young Toddlers don’t even know how difficult this time is, to manage everything and even provide every basic facility to them, for their parents. But here, a parent surrounded by all pressure to handle the health of his family is himself losing this battle of hope.

 Nothing much can be done but a positive mindset and structured life routine can make a huge difference. Why is this homesickness surrounding us? We can fight loneliness by engaging ourselves in interesting DIY activities with each member of our family so that there is no time in the day for anyone to feel irritated and lost.

Some interesting DIY projects to do with everyone.
Homemade sculptured soaps

What’s more fun than washing your hands with beautiful scented soaps? Washing hands and keeping ourselves hygienic is the need of the hour. Let us understand how to make these beautiful smelling soaps curved out beautifully in different shapes at home! First of all, what we need to get is a general soap solution which is easily available at online stores like amazon and flipkart. Then the second step involves, getting your hands on your favorite scent like rose, jasmine, lavender etc.

 Heat the soap solution and add your favorite scent in the mixture, pour this mixture in a mold you wish your soap to be in and wait till the mixture sets. 

Pro tip: want some color too? Add 2-3 drops of your favorite food color in the mixture before pouring the mixture in the molds. Let it set for a few hours after which you can slowly de-mold the container and your soap is ready to please the hands of your guests.

To make new clothes, use a tie and dye

Want to see yourself wearing new clothes? But you can’t actually invest in them because we are stuck in the middle of a pandemic. You might be thinking ‘what is tie and dye?’ Let me tell you, it is a very famous technique to make your old clothes stand out from a crowd. 

Grab some of your old t-shirts, both men and women. Anything would do well. Buy some bleach bottles from a nearby pharmacy and dig a few rubber bands from your home and that’s it. 

Take your t-shirt, fold it in round asymmetrical folds, and then secure it with rubber bands. Pour little by little bleach on top of the folded section and leave the t-shirt to dry in the same tied position. Gently open the folds after it is completely dried. You will see a beautiful pattern on your old t-shirt which has turned out to be new again. Try different folds to get different patterns. This technique can be used in both upper and lower clothes, the process remains the same. Enjoy tie and dyeing! 

Light and fragrance, my candle

Light and fragrance, what a combination! One must crave this magnificent site of dim light with beautiful soft fragrance on a hectic day after working on that desk for too long. Let’s make some soothing candles to make the environment more peaceful and calm for us to grab the positive energy around us.

It is really soothing after a long day and imagine your favourite music playing in the room lit with fragrant candles. Just like soaps, candles do require a common candle mix known as wax. Get solid wax in containers from your local stores (but maintain social distancing and therefore, I’ll advise you to purchase from online stores with extreme safety measures). As soon as you get solid wax, gather thick thread from your thread and needle box, some fragrance of your choice and the mould you want to pour your candle in. Start melting the wax with utmost safety; you don’t want to get burnt, Right?  Pour the hot wax into the mould, add the fragrance and thread carefully and let it sit for 2 hours. De-mould your candle and carve it in your desired shape.

 Pro tip: add food colour to make them colourful. Inhale the soothing smell with a dim light. What a scene!

Natural skin care at home. Let’s face mask it!

We all have heard from our grandparents “dadi, nani k nuskhe”. This is the time to try out everything we heard from them. There are a lot of face mask recipes out there on different websites, here, I won’t tell you more but I will introduce you to my own tried and tested homemade ingredients which we can use to pamper our skin in this lockdown period. Saving money,as well as, taking care of our skin is a top priority for everyone.

 Turmeric-curd face mask for instant glow but, you can add a few drops of lemon because lemon helps in reducing dark spots. 

Then there is a honey-sugar and turmeric mask which acts like a gentle exfoliator for your skin and helps in getting rid of the clogged pores. 

You can also try natural rose water (no package rose water) for tightening the open pores. 

Rubbing ice can also help. 

Pro tip- Take a few rose petals, try using fresh, add them to boiling water and wait till the colour becomes slightly reddish. Cooldown this water and strain those petals, keep it in an airtight container and your homemade fresh rose water is ready in minutes.