Now India is coming under the bracket of a developed country. Firstly, it has a high literacy rate in the present scenario. Secondly in the era of 21st-century colleges and educational institutions. It is giving birth to million of the doctor, engineers, teachers, professor, and many more.  So-called highly educated person. Thirdly India rises with the number of skillful people, graduated managers. Those who are lacking in ethics, broadminded vision, and skills in the real sense.

Education vs Literacy

Let us know what is the difference between education and literacy?

A man such as high post lives a lavish life and has a sufficient degree. But highly literate does not mean highly educated. Often it is said, “Educated are always literate but literate are not always educated”. Likewise, we used to listen from our childhood. That you should good at reading, write, and learn and should be educated right?  Everyone wants their children to be highly educated and no doubt nowadays people getting highly educated. But here education means only literacy.


literate person

It tells us to be good at reading, writing, learning.


It tells us what to read, write, and learn.

educated person

Education teaches the way of living. Your thought process. Your behavior towards others. While literacy is formal education. That depends on bookish knowledge only which we learn from our school, colleges, and educational institutions. Education is what we learn through experience. And as you know very well the statement/quote that “Experience is the best teacher”. So if we learn from experience. Then I think it would be better than the bookish knowledge.

Let’s take an example: Suppose you have a lot of knowledge and cracked the UPSC exam. Now you have a chance to become an IAS officer. As an IAS officer, when you would interact with the public or with anyone. Obviously, they are not going to ask about mathematics, science, geography, and Panipat battles,  isn’t it?  Whereas they are looking for how much you are responsible, connecting yourself with them, can solve their problems, your gratitude and your behavior for each other. In other words, these things focus on your personality. That is how you are as a human and as a person. That’s the real education.

We were never behind in Education

Never there was a shortage in our education

• Thomas Babington Macaulay was secretary to the board of control. Under Lord Grey from Britain.  He came to India in 1834. And spent 4 years in our country and observed. When he returned to their country in 1838, their first statement to Lord Grey was that if he wants to rule on India. Then we have to attack first on their education system. Because Indian education means unity.
• First rigorous and accurate scientific measurement of the earth-sun distance was made by Cassin in 1672. Did you know the interesting fact in the 16th century? Tulsidas decode a famous line of Hanuman Chalisa. And found the distance between earth and sun exactly the same. As that discovered by scientist later in the 18th century. 
• For example, if you would take about technology on December 17, 1903.  Wilbur and Orville Wright made four brief flight at Kitty Hawk with their first powered aircraft. While 7000 years ago in the Ramayana airplane(puspakviman) already invented. So we were not lacking in technology too.
If we talk about women’s education. Then who don’t know Gargi vidotma,  Apala.

Present Scenario of Education in India

There are 1.5 million schools with more than 260 million students enrolled, 751 universities and 35539 colleges. Provided a high level of education. But you know we are lacking somewhere.
Our schools and colleges only focus on bookish knowledge. By restricting our education only in books. The education system is highly based on marks.
• No longer institutions focus on the moral value of life, behavioral education, humanism, and so on.
Bihar has a literacy rate of 63.8%. Kerala has the highest literacy rate. Though the rate is increasing. Is the education system is going better? Unfortunately, “NO”.
• The system has a 90% theoretical subject.
Students are not allowed to experiment on their own.
An increased pressure on the student. Due to much comparative spirit among the private institutions.

5 Immediate Change Need In The Education System

Teach them the purpose of education-
1. It is not always about becoming a rich person. Whereas it should be about humanism. An educator should also  teach the moral of life.
2. Start observing every student.
3. Evaluation system.
4. Technology and its use.
5. Educator has to teach life management.

For instance, if the Indian education system starts taking these points seriously. We can attain the one of the best education system in the world.


We are blessed with certain ideas, technology, creativity, leadership quality and many more. But at the same time we don’t use these things in the right direction. Then we are uneducated literate.

As education remains forever wherever we go. But literacy remains just on the piece of paper. So don’t educate yourself with a degree. Educate yourself with good knowledge. So that you can inspire others”.

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