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How to be a good team leader

How To Be A Good Team Leader

Being a good team leader is everyone’s choice. On school days we always want to be the class monitor, event leader, sports team captain, etc. In college, we want to be the class representative and senior in charge. It means that we always want to

skills for entrepreneurship

Important Skills for Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is someone who starts and builds their own business and achieves success in it. It is not an easy job to be an entrepreneur. It takes a lot to build a successful startup. Mostly, people judge their startup’s success with years of experience

women entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship – New Trends In India

In this blog, I have discussed how women entrepreneurship is trending in rural areas. “Women Entrepreneurship” We have heard in the news and media about this word. Let us first get a glimpse of this word. Women entrepreneurship is the entering of women in the

Women Entrepreneurs of India

Women Entrepreneurs of India – #YouGoGirl

The road to set up a successful business is tough, both for women and men. However, it is more challenging for women. Especially when women are given a lower status than men. They are expected to stay home and work as housewives. Nevertheless, many women

How Is Automation Changing TheMarket Landscape?

We live in an era of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies that have helped us in many ways. It has given us tremendous power of processing, storage capacity, and access to information. One of the big words in today’s industries is Automation along

no age to success

There is No Age to Achieve Success 

There is only a difference of the word ‘A’ in ‘Safalta’ (success) and ‘Asafalta’ (failure). ‘Anant’ is an interesting Hindi word. It means that there is no limit to achieving success. That is why you should not tie success to an age limit. There are

startup is better than 9 to 5

Startup is Better than 9-5 Jobs

Startups are, basically, a business idea that is by one’s own for one’s financial development. An enterprise or a new business started as a company, partnership, or temporary organization is called a startup company or startup to discover a  scalable business model. Startup – What