Exams during the pandemic have been a controversial topic. Students have been anxious about exams all this time. Exams or life? At this time, the authorities seem to be confused.

Are exams more important than life?

To what extent can you go to follow a “timetable”?

Will I get any help if I get infected?

The above are a few questions which arise in our minds after the recent announcement regarding CBSE Board exams. The decision has left several students across the country anxious. Again, the families of these students are equally concerned and distressed. Conducting exams during the pandemic is a poor choice.

NEET and JEE exams have been conducted for the previous year. What about the current academic year? None know! When the government conducted the JEE Mains and Advance in 2020, students had tweeted against it. They asked the government to rethink because the futures of over 25 lakh students stood in question!

On one hand, we are asking people to stay at home, on the other hand, we are forcing lakhs of young students to give exams. Statistically speaking, India is still fighting hard against Covid. The new strain of the virus has already started spreading in the country with 25 confirmed cases. Conducting exams during the pandemic on the verge of a fresh spike, why?

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The Problem – Exam versus Life

Let’s discuss the side of students. Why are the students not ready to give the exams? Why are the students against conducting exams during the pandemic?

Safe transport:

The distance between the examination centres of students and their homes can be long. Is it feasible to travel during the current situation? Especially with the new virus strain in the country.

There are far too many students in every school. Protests against the Farm Bills are in places. Buses and public transport are super-spreading sources. Not everyone can afford a private vehicle.


The virus ‘paused’ the world. The whole population underwent a lot of physical and mental troubles. Lakhs of families are dealing with death, unemployment, poor mental health, etc. Many students lack resources to continue online education. In fact, not all schools are equipped to take online classes.

Conducting exams during the pandemic is unjustified. How can we expect every student to be prepared? Will the exams be equal for every student? NO!

Some unanswered questions:

There are other unanswered questions raised by students about conducting exams during the pandemic.

What if a student comes with a high temperature at the centre?

How will the question papers be sanitized?

What if somebody sneezes during the exam?

What about students who have asthma and can’t wear masks for a long time?

Have they by default “FAILED” before giving the exams? 

If there are so many unanswered questions can we call this a VALID attempt?

Unfair Advantage

Covid’s biggest victim is our economy. Directly or indirectly, poor people are suffering. Many students can’t appear because of the lack of resources. Many students can’t give their best because they were affected by Covid. Students who can appear for the exams will definitely get an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

The vaccines have been approved but not circulated yet. Thereby, conducting the exams during such a situation would be like an unfair advantage given to a few students.  

The Solutions

The solution to these impending problems lies in the fact – Health is wealth!

Exams shouldn’t be conducted up till “Safety gets precedence over exams”.

The exams shouldn’t be conducted till the system devises:

  • Safe SOP’s
  • Increase in the number of exam centres

One can think of conducting exams during the pandemic only with the above-mentioned conditions. We acknowledge the fact that postponing exams, again and again, is not an easy job. Exams might get finished in a few days but it decides the whole future of those young lives.

In addition to the above points,

  • Availability of required resources to all students
  • Ensuring better mental health conditions of students

Yes, mental health is a taboo in the nation. However, the authorities must understand the difficulties of students. There are several issues.

How would a student do in his board exams when his father died due to Covid a few months back?

How would a student prepare for her board exams when her sibling is hospitalized due to Corona?

And how would a student suffering with severe anxiety manage to calm down before exams?

Many such questions are challenging us all.

Our students are our future. It’s important to have a conversation with them. It is important to understand their problems and point of views. So, our motto should be “SAFETY BEFORE EXAMS!”

The Covid situation is a test for all of us and only we can empathize with each other in order to solve the problem in a better way. Meanwhile, it is important to stay motivated and positive. You could visit our blog Movies for Motivation for some boost up.