Menstruation or period is normal vaginal bleeding which occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. In simple words, menstruation occurs because every month the female body undergoes hormonal changes and prepares for pregnancy. If the egg is not fertilized by a sperm, the uterus sheds its protective lining. However, periods are a major taboo in major parts of the country. With the rise in awareness towards menstruation, a lot of stigmas, myths and stereotypes associated with periods have been removed. However, there is still a long way to go before Period is No More A Taboo!  A common misconception, even amongst the aware youth is that exercise in periods is bad for health. What do you think, Exercise in Periods is Good or Bad?

This blog is firmly dedicated to the topic Exercise in Periods: Good or Bad? Before diving into our topic and finding out how and why Exercise in Periods is Good or Bad, let us understand Menstruation.

Menstruation, also known as, Periods

Menstrual cycle in females starts approximately from the age of 11. People have menstruation until 45 to 50 years of age, approximately.

People on periods often have a backache or bellyache, face irritability, mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness etc. These symptoms are common but not everyone on periods has the same symptoms. While some might manage their daily chores as usual, some struggle immensely with nausea and pain.

Nevertheless, it is necessary for people during periods to have a proper diet. It is required at the time of menstruation to manage the loss of nutrients. In fact, eating green vegetables, iron-rich foods and lots of fluid helps a menstruating person. Also, one should avoid eating salty, spicy food and consuming carbonated drinks to avoid bloating.

Some important points to remember during periods

  • Avoid using clothes on periods. Use sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups. Use good quality sanitary products as it keeps you protected from infections.
  • Maintain your hygiene specifically at the time of menstruation.
  • Do light exercises. This keeps you away from anxiety, aches, stress, etc.
  • Prefer to do Yogasana. It is said that not all kinds of physical activity or exercises are beneficial during menstruation but some light workout and sound yoga can help you out of any cramps.

Yes, do not doubt Exercise in Periods is Good or Bad? Healthy or not? or any such thing. However, consult your doctor before doing any exercise or taking medicine.

In general, exercise or physical activity keeps you fit, healthy and increases the chances of longer life. Exercising is also helpful in curing diseases. It fuels your bones to perform the regular body functions well. In fact, we can consider Yoga an excellent form of exercise.  For females, exercises or yoga plays a key role in maintaining fitness and enhancing their moods. In addition to that, it tends to alleviate cramps, headache, mood swings and backache during menstruation.

Benefits of light Yoga and Exercises during menstruation

It is a very common conception that yoga or any sort of physical activity, during periods, is harmful. However, there are several benefits attached.

  • Exercise is helpful in giving relieves from period cramps. Certain yoga asanas like Balasana can be especially beneficial.
  • Physical activities lower the level of cortisol and boost the level of endorphins.
  • It helps to feel energetic and drives all fatigue away.
  • Working out helps to gain strength and makes your mind fresh.
  • Exercise keeps you free from anxiety and irritability.
  • It warms your body and relieves you from back ache or belly ache.
  • Certain Yoga postures also help in curing irregular menstrual cycles.

Yoga poses to help during periods

Now that you are not wondering if Exercise in Periods is Good or Bad, let’s look at some easy and beneficial exercises and yoga poses.

BADHHAKON ASANA (Butterfly pose)

Begin to sit with a straight back and keep the soles of your feet together. Interlock your fingers onto your toes and pull your feet closer to your pelvis and begin to flap for couples of time. It helps in opening your tightness in your groins and your hips.

BHUJANGA ASANA ( Cobra pose)

Lie down on your stomach, lengthen your spine and create a space between your pelvic and yogic pages. Then arch back and squeeze the view. Drop your shoulders back and then arch, mouth closed in contact with each other.


Sit straight, inhale and stretch your hands up, lengthen your spine. Try to create space in your final card and as you exhale keep your chin up. Then extend the spine, hold your feet(you can also hold your legs wherever you reach), take a deep breath in and exhale, drop the bottom down.


Inhale deeply and as you exhale just your hips down. Bring your legs all the way up above your head. Do not rush, take your time and keep exceeding. Use your core muscles and bring your leg over your head. Interlock your hands at bottom and keep your legs all the way back.

Besides these, many more asanas are beneficial for your body (not only when you are in periods) like, USTRASANA (Camel pose), MALASANA (Garland pose), DHANURASANA (Bow pose) etc.

Menstruation is natural process of the body. It’s not something for which you need to stop your daily routine. About strenuous exercise, you can tone it down if you feel exhausted and the bleeding is heavy in initial days. But if you are a person who exercises regularly then I wouldn’t suggest to stop that all together. You can reduce the magnitude maybe. But keep yourself well hydrated and eat healthy. – Dr. Veena G, Practo

We hope that this blog Exercise in Periods: Good or Bad was insightful to you. Stay safe, stay tuned!