Very often we come across articles, journals, and advertisements promoting self-growth, invoking mindfulness, reducing the fear of failures, etc. We tend to explore ourselves in new fun learning activities, gaining experience, and being consistent in the future. But the one thing that keeps us from doing so is the constant thought of failure and other fears.

So let’s talk about how not to think about failure, fear of failure and putting things in action.

  • Being optimistic -Think about the positive virtues of life and all those winning moments when you thought you cannot but you came out victorious.
  • Self-beliefTo begin with anything in life, one must always have an attitude of self-reliance and belief.
  • Putting your thoughts together Calm yourself and put your thoughts to work. Keep your thoughts constant and stay motivated.
  • Stay focused Concentrate on the odds of being successful in your venture and be steadfast.
  • Plan your plan – Planning is the first step of starting something new. Work out your thoughts and pen them down.

After reading these you might be wondering, how can one keep his/her thoughts constant?

  •  Meditate
  •  Listen to music.
  • Talk to a worthy friend.
  • Pen down your thoughts.
  • Indulge in activities you love.


Putting things in action requires a lot of self-assurance. Being successful in your venture requires a lot of hard work. Especially, for introverts, being socially active and indulging in new activities, seems a hell lot difficult.

But once you take your first step you’ll find yourself enjoying and actually loving the journey. All it takes to start your journey is a lot of enthusiasm and a bit of courage.

Someone has rightly said, ” Don’t wish for it, work for it.” Yes, one can’t always stay positive but one can always try to be positive.

But always beware of toxic positivity. It does more harm than good!

Think about all the blessings in time of despair and there you are, standing again to fight back.

Whenever the thought of giving up hits you, remember why you started. Take time to be sure about things, but always remember the clock’s ticking.
So, let today be the beginning of something new.


1. The Thought Cycle:

The never-ending thoughts:

We all tend to overthink at times. Sometimes this leads to stress and brings in more unwanted thoughts.

The best way to prevent ourselves from overthinking is to make ourselves occupied at all times. The moment a negative thought strikes you, try to divert your mind and keep yourself busy.

Yes, agreed it’s not as easy as it seems but eventually you’ll learn to not indulge in this activity.

The desire to achieve things:

As mentioned earlier, getting started with anything and everything one must have the desire and will to do it.

The enthusiasm and determination to achieve things is the foremost important step of getting involved in any activity. The will to learn new things aspire him/her to keep moving in hours of difficulty.

“The stronger the desire, the greater the motivation.
The stronger the motivation, the greater the achievement”.

2. Being consistent:

Once you begin with anything new in life and it all starts well, do not let your actions get lessened. Work with the same energy and be passionate about what you do. Be accordant.

3. Being Aware:

Seeking help and always striving for more should be the key point of one’s life. Learning new things and adding on to our knowledge helps us in fulfilling our duties.

4.Taking a pause:

In moments of despair or doubtful situations taking a break can help to gather thoughts and help act accordingly.

5. The ifs and buts:

To sum it all, we humans have a habit of thinking about the gloom-ridden side of things. No matter how hard we try, we do it. It is completely fine but to some extent only.

Stay positive and focused, take the first step and go with the flow. The fear of failure is genuine. Failures are a part of every story, the characters vary. Your story ends only when you decide to. Your story is you and your will!

Buckle up and do not let the fear of failure shackle you.