Fenugreek Seeds (Methi) leaves are mainly found in winters, whereas their seeds are found in the spice box of every kitchen. It uses in food, spice, and medicine since ancient times and is beneficial for every age group. Fenugreek plant is erect, strongly scented annual herbs, which are 30 to 60 cm high. Its leaves are of light green color, 2 to 2.5 cm long. Its leaves are popular for their aromatic and unique flavor, and also they are a great source of fiber.

Fenugreek can be used in the form of seeds or leaves and even in powder form. Also in a dried form known as ‘Kasuri methi.’ Methi leaves are a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, and B-complex vitamins like Folate, Riboflavin, and Pyridoxine.

Fenugreek leaves are of two types extensively cultivated in India. One is commonly using as dark green, oval-shaped, and mildly bitter leaves. Another one is the smaller variety, with white roots and small green leaves are more prevalent in South India.

In 1 tbsp, i.e., 11.1g of Fenugreek, you will consume 0.7 g of total fat, 0 mg of cholesterol, 7.4 mg of sodium, 85.5 mg of potassium, 6 g of total carbohydrate, 2.6 g of protein, and also calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin B-6.

10 Benefits of Fenugreek seeds or leaves:

Improve Cholesterol

1. It helps in improving cholesterol:

Cholesterol is a type of fat found in our blood. The liver makes cholesterol in our body; it forms various food items we eat, like meat, fish, egg, butter, cheese, and milk. High cholesterol can cause many heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These days high cholesterol might found in every individual, causing an increased chance of heart disease. Thus, consumption of methi is beneficial in improving the cholesterol rate in your body.

2. Improves blood pressure:

Due to its medicinal values control cholesterol levels in the blood, which automatically improves blood pressure in the body.


3. Controls Sugar Level:

Increased sugar levels in the body can lead to various other disorders like eye diseases, liver failures, etc. Thus, Fenugreek is good medicine for diabetic patients. It helps prevent high glucose levels in the blood. Diabetic patients can consume methi in any form.

4. It is good for the digestive system:

Fenugreek is good medicine for the digestive system because of its insoluble fiber. One can also consume fenugreek seeds with lukewarm water to reduce constipation and promote regular bowel movements.


5. Strong Antioxidant:

Methi is a good source of vitamin C, which helps maintain a good immune system, thus preventing you from common illness.

6. Helpful for Hair and Skin:

Fenugreek is good medicine for hair and skin issues. One can apply fenugreek powder with henna for repairing damaged hair. It also promotes hair growth. It also makes your hair shine and prevents the growth of premature grey hair. Also, fenugreek is a good source of Vitamin C, which helps to improve the glow of your skin. It is also a good moisturizer and skin toner. It reduces blemishes and is a good acne cure.


7. Boosts Testosterone:

Testosterone is a sex hormone found in both men and women, affecting sexual functions, energy, performance, and mood. Testosterone deficiency is estimated to affect 39% of men over the age of 45. Thus, fenugreek contains compounds called furostanolic saponins, which are good for improving testosterone deficiency.

8. Increases sperm counts:

Due to the medicinal value, fenugreek is a good remedy for low sperm count.


9. Special benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves During pregnancy:

Fenugreek seed is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals required during pregnancy. Consuming fenugreek can be helpful for the ladies going through various issues of pregnancy.  Some benefits are as below:

    • Consumption of fenugreek seeds during pregnancy acts as a combatant for gestational diabetes. 
    • Breast engagement is a common problem in every woman during pregnancy, leading to pain; thus, fenugreek acts as good medicine to alleviate pain.
    • Fenugreek also reduces labor pain during pregnancy.
    • It is also helpful in reducing sugar levels during the pregnancy phase.

10.Fenugreek Seeds Boosts Breast Milk production:

Fenugreek is a good agent which helps to boosts the milk production of new mothers. Due to various reasons like stress and fatigue, milk production reduces. According to a study, the consumption of fenugreek seeds helps new mothers increase their breast milk production. 


Fenugreek seeds or leaves are good herbal food and medicine that are easily available in every house. Therefore need to include fenugreek in our diet is really beneficial to the human body. Now Hope you aware of the amazing 10 Benefits of Fenugreek seeds or leaves.

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