Financial independence makes a person secure and strong in themselves. It is the only way to reach greater heights and achieve higher goals. Financial Independence for women is non-negotiable now. The cultural and social stigma stuck makes financial independence for women much more important now.

In a country where women are mostly treated like princesses, why should they earn? In a country where educated and modern families support women, why should they struggle to earn? A woman, who is strong, determined, and independent at the same time is a powerful combination. A large population of women in our country are home-makers. The journey of motherhood or the responsibilities on the domestic front become more pressing. Career and financial independence take a back seat for women. 

Financial Independence for Women – Why?

A woman’s financial independence comes in handy in times of emergencies. In case the husband, who is the sole breadwinner of the family, loses his job, might take a loan or exhaust the contingency reserves of the family. Similarly, in case of an unfortunate demise of the husband, the family is bound to suffer major financial setbacks. These situations can be avoided with a financially independent woman.

As the cost of living is increasing, the living standards and the financial aspirations of the people are also increasing.

Financial independence helps women to take their own life decisions. They do not have to depend on anyone for the fulfillment of their wishes. Financial independence for women helps them fight any uncertainty.

The Benefits

A financially independent woman serves as a role model for the other women of the society, who aspire to stand on their own feet and depend on no one for their life’s decisions. If most women in our country start earning, they become consumers and start spending money and therefore boost the Gross Domestic Product. Also, taxes paid by them increase the government revenue and can be used for the welfare of the people.

Women should be in control of their income through careful planning. Being money-conscious and saving a little extra each month is one of the most significant habits of a financially independent woman. Empowerment through a monthly budget should be done. Opportunities for passive income should be explored. Credit should be used responsively and cleverly. A financially independent woman should regularly track her investment and maintain proper paperwork. They should believe in risk diversification and should always ensure that the risk is distributed over a variety of instruments. It is irrational to expect immediate returns from long term products like insurance, PPF, etc. They should work on financial planning and conduct proper personal research.

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The issue – Engagement

Financially independent women create an evolved and equitable society. But the harsh reality is that financial independence among women is still miles from where it needs to be. In our country, women’s financial progress is missing a key element- engagement. Women in our country should undertake comprehensive financial literacy and knowledge building programs. Only being educated and holding a degree is not enough. Women should not be denied avenues of engagement. An empowered and independent woman means a financially strong and healthy family. As women achieve greater financial literacy, access to engagement, and participatory control, they can add value and become engines of financial growth.

“Financial Independence is paramount. When a woman is financially independent, she has the ability to live life on her own terms. That was the best advice I ever got. No matter wherever you go in life, or who you get married to, you have to be financially independent. You don’t know which curve balls life will throw at you. Hence, you need to have the ability to take care of yourself and the people whom you love.”

Financial Independence for Women – How?

5 simple ideas, for women, to become financially independent:

Cut down your expenses

To cut down your expenses you need to have patience and a calm mind. It is the first and foremost thing to do to achieve your goal of being an independent woman. You need to list down the things that you actually require to run your daily life activities and strike out the unnecessary things. Creating a budget is all you need to do.


As we all know that learning is a never-ending process and no one is perfect in the world where we reside in. Never step back from learning. It helps in opening up several doors of opportunity. It can enhance your skills and take out the best version of yourself.

Have specific goals in your mind

Framing your mind with your specific goals is the first step towards becoming a financially independent person. It doesn’t leave you clueless. You should carve out time limits for each particular goal to be efficient in your work and to achieve your goals.

Investing Money

Investing is an important factor to double up your earnings. First of all, start educating yourself in the field of investments. There are so many investment projects out there to gain profit.

Save more

Everyone must incorporate this important thing in their lives. Saving becomes a difficult job at times but you need to master the art of saving and to be consistent in it. Saving also allows you to earn interest, having the money safe in your own hands.

Let’s not forget, financial dependence is one of the main reasons for the oppression of women. Financial independence for women is the only way to put an end to any kind of unfair practices against women. Women are The Future of a country and we can all come together to empower our women.