To understand gender inequality, we must dive into the deep reality of the current situation.

The whole world speaks and argues continuously on the topic of gender equality. But none of them actually follow it religiously. This is a serious concern regarding mental health, personality, individuality, and well -being. It doesn’t matter to which continent, state, city, or country one may belong to. Gender inequality is, indeed, the problem of society.

 For now, we know that different criteria cause bias in the decisions. These are on the basis of gender. In this era, we have totally lost the humanity given to us by the supreme. We pray for individuals and worship them in the greed for supremacy.

Due to such inequalities like Racism, our World is pulled by biased and non-humanitarian people. Gender inequality is a bit small when we see it from a narrow perspective. But this is a deep and tough topic on which people should frequently come up with suggestions.

Here, I am not going to discuss the bookish language that phrases the cruel society. The bias in the differences is due to color, religion, region, and gender. We are first of all born humans by the almighty. We should trust and worship humanity first.

I know this conversation is going to be serious. But, believe me, someone or the other has to come up and talk about it openly. So that everyone can understand the actual meaning behind this word “inequality.”. Let us understand what the minute and major problems are. Mentally and physically on a person suffering from biased behavior on the basis of his or her gender.

Inappropriate behavior

There are still many places where people witness inappropriate humiliation and harsh behavior. That too, in front of society. They face humiliation when in public and even at the workplace. Usually, both genders face harassment, inappropriate language, and body gestures. Either women or men by certain people with an ill mentality.

We can’t change someone’s thinking. But, we can definitely try to improve a person’s perspective towards humanity and equality. Not only individuals of mature age face such humiliation.  At regular intervals too in their workplace. But, young children who are unaware of the real meaning behind those biased scolding face these things from their childhood.

The best example of inappropriate behavior due to gender inequality is sexual exploitation. It is obvious by the increasing harassment and rape cases in society for both genders. Why do we consider only men and women as the known genders? There are other people as well who are classified as transgenders, queers. Are they not humans? Did the Almighty not create them, too? Then, why do people differentiate on the basis of gender?


We can use a small example of a child who loves ice cream to explain this word. But, on asking to get some for his friends, he decides to keep all for himself. Here, The young child doesn’t know the meaning of discrimination. But despite the fact, he wants to keep all the ice cream to himself. So that he can have it all.

The child here discriminates between his friendship and the love of him for ice cream. He chooses ice cream over his friend in his childlike innocence.

From the above example, we can understand that discriminating and biasing behavior is in the nature of mankind. We usually prefer what we love and we neglect what we do not. Some people are born by the principal of discrimination among genders and they fruitfully cherish it forever.

But people need to understand the mental effects of a person treated differently on the basis of gender. How will you feel if someone stops you from eating because you are a man? Certainly, this makes no sense right?

Likewise, In earlier times, women were to stay at home and cook. The belief was that women were born to cook and serve the male generation. Some of you might be getting defensive by reading such a filthy line. But, believe me, this was our condition way back in times.

The condition has improved

So have people, but their thinking is still somewhat the same. There are many areas where the allowing of women is still taboo. I am not only talking about women’s safety but about their rights and the rights of transgenders, as well.

Society now needs to treat every individual equally on the basis of humanity. Not on the features on which they are born. Stop discrimination. It affects others mentally. Discrimination forces them to lose their confidence in themselves. Speak up; ultimately people will listen if something bad is happening to you. Especially, on the basis of your gender. 

Equality is a myth; inequality has its roots deep.

There are certain factors related to the roots of inequality in mankind. Our ancestors believed that there are certain rules to be followed. In order to make a living out of the human soul.

Those rules consisted of various methods of disrespect and discrimination. All on basis of caste, color, religion, region, and gender. It is not easy to make the older generation understand the behavioral differentiation done with people.

Done because they belong to a certain gender. So far, this is clear that equality is still fighting over the old traditional laws for its freedom. In today’s time, there are still places where people follow this discrimination.

Inequality has deep roots in humanity. It will take time to get rid of unequal behavior on the basis of any factors. It is a time taking process but people will surely understand to respect others on the basis of humanity.


Why are they not considered humans?

They are also made by the same god. These people are also born using the same biological process. Then, why such discrimination?

Nowadays, we are seeing that people are coming up with LGBT campaigns. These provide more power to these people. But why still when we hear about them, a disgusted face takes over us? Why are there no rights for them?

Do you ever wonder how much shame, disgust, and disrespect is given to them? Despite them being innocent? LGBT campaigns are a small step towards creating awareness about and for these people.

They are humans and should be considered equal. Equal opportunities should be made available. In government and private sectors for people of the LGBTQ+ community.

There should not be any discrimination on the basis of their gender. Equality, in every aspect, should be given to them in every field. I request you all to consider them humans and not treat them as servants. 

They are also people with the same feelings and physical needs as you all are. More power to transgenders, lesbians, bisexuals, and gays.

In the end, we all are humans and should be treated equally.


We all are humans. Stop discrimination, let equality prevail!