A spice commonly used in Asian food not only makes food spicy and tasty. With that,meric heals the wounds and prevents us from infections. This is yellow but not dirty fellow it is none other than Turmeric. There are many health benefits of turmeric, It has a small name but does great work, fighting like a warrior and shields our body from germs, as it has a warm and bitter taste but good for health and brings great impact on the body.



prevent several diseases

Turmeric is an antioxidant that has the potential to prevent heart disease, eye conditions, and Alzheimer’s.
It may even reduce the risk or spread of cancer.
✔ Works more efficiently if we drink turmeric milk once a day.
This even improves our digestion power
Helpful in healing wounds.
Amazing benefits of turmeric
✔ Controls diabetes
Plays a key role in boosting the immunity system

Acts as a beauty product  which we can use as a face pack, cures acne, gives glowing skin, tightens the skin, even preventing us from skin related diseases and so on. Turmeric is universal as we can use it for making our dishes spicy as well as it glows our skin with that it prevents us from various kinds of infections and deadly diseases like cancer, tumor etc.

Boosts up the immunity system which helps to fight against covid-19 too.



During covid-19, many of us started focusing on our immunity system and turmeric is the one with other more healthy ingredients helping us to kill germs and boosting our immunity well.

Acts as medicine

People are able to fight against corona only because of good immunity and has medical benefits. It is use to fight and cure ailment with a perfect dash of good health too.

Benefits of raw turmeric is also there as it has a compound ingredients like, Curcumin is the one which has great potential in the prevention of TGV Infection (Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus) it also cures some types of virus for example; Dengue virus, Hepatitis B and Zika virus.

Turmeric either in raw, powder or in any form plays  an equal role in preventing  any diseases .  As it is an antibacterial, antitumor as well as antivirus. Therefore, it’s use in a regular routine especially, at the time of pandemic.



We can consume turmeric in any form and with any edible thing like; Turmeric milk (golden milk),  tea, soups and can use it as in the form of paste even people use to drink turmeric water. Turmeric powder is mostly used in cooking spicy food like; curry, even people use this in their marriage rituals, during worshipping  god, priests use it as a tilak and do abhishekam for god.  


myths and Facts about turmeric

Turmeric is itself a vaccine.

It acts as medicine to prevent disease, it is not a vaccine.

No medical examination is required as turmeric can cure any disease.

Turmeric can help to lower the risk of getting disease but cannot cure it fully. Therefore, medical examination is required.

Curcumin is only a component in turmeric which is anti-inflammatory.

Recent research suggests that the remaining components also exhibit similar anti-inflammatory properties.

Some think that turmeric is a simple culinary spice with few health benefits.

Far from being simple, turmeric has many color and compound flavors meld together to form a complex, rich flavor. In fact, turmeric has been in use in Asian healing traditions. It acts as Ayurveda, any disease related to any part of our body can be healed.

Turmeric is best when it is used from the raw.

Well, it is not true that using raw turmeric is only beneficial even in powder form also it works equally.

All over we get to know that the word “TURMERIC” is not only a spice that brings flavor, but it also provides us many medical benefits. During Corona, it becomes our lifesaver because many of the people lost the battle due to lack of immunity because of this, cases of covid is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen our health and boost our immunity with the help of this. 

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