Hike Messenger or Hike Sticker Chat was introduced by Kavin Bharti Mittal in the year 2012. Hike is an Indian freeware application launched on December 12. It comes under the developer Hike Private Limited. Hike messenger currently has 10 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store. It is funded by Bharti, Tencent, SoftBank, Foxconn, and Tiger Global. 

Features of Hike Messenger

Some current and earlier in-use features of the Hike messenger are:

  • Unlimited free SMS (Hike Offline):

Hike launched this SMS feature in 2014. Whenever you chat with your friends, you earn some points. You can use these coins to send offline text messages to people. This feature is very useful when there is an internet connectivity problem. If for some reason your internet is not working, you can send offline messages to your friends or family members and make them aware of it. These text messages will be reflected in your chat once you get internet connectivity. You need to send these messages from the Hike messenger app only. 

  • Hike Direct:

 Hike Direct is like Wi-Fi without any actual internet connection with a 100-meter radius network reach. This feature was launched in 2015. With this, you can send or share photos, videos, and other types of files to your friend via the Hike application who is within 100 m reach. The speed for this transfer is 100MB per minute. For using this, users must be connected. 

  • Hike Wallet:

 Hike launched its wallet in 2017 partnered with Yes Bank. Later, Hike Messenger collaborated with Airtel Payment Bank. A person can send money to another person by using a Hike wallet. The amount directly goes in the bank account if the other person has a UPI account linked with the wallet. Users can also book bus tickets, pay bills (electricity, DTH, etc.,) book cab service through Hike wallet. You also need KYC done for doing all these transactions. 

  • HikeMoji: 

This is a digital avatar of a person who uses Hike Messenger. It can be created by clicking a selfie and then, there will be hundreds of stickers of emojis of you with various slangs or hairstyles, skin tones, moods, clothing styles, and so on. This feature was launched in 2020. These stickers include regional languages like Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kanada, and so on. HikeMoji lets you create your local avatar. 

  • Hike Run: 

With this feature of Hike, one can track the number of steps they take every day, which they can share with their friends, as well. You can track your previous steps as well and compare all these data. It also maintains a leaderboard where you can see who is leading among your friend’s group. You can see your improvement and you can modify accordingly. 

  • Hike News: 

You can also read on this messenger application only. In Hike messenger, you can read the news in local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc. You can read the news on a daily basis now. 

  • Hidden Mode: 

This hidden mode feature is very good for the people who want to keep certain things private or want to hide the chats of specific people. With this feature, you can hide the personal or private chat from your family members or friends. There are some chats we don’t want others to see. So, we can hide that with this feature. You can set a password (pin, pattern, or code), and every time to view that chat you have to enter this password. 

  • Hike Cricket:

 Hike Cricket gives you updates about the live cricket match. It gives you the live score and all the happenings in the game. So, you can watch cricket uninterrupted and chat with your close ones at the same time. You can also do the same with Kabaddi. One app with all the uses. Hike launched this feature in collaboration with Cricbuzz, a cricket score app. 

  • Text to stickers: 

With text to stickers, you can type something, and variants of different stickers will be generated. For instance, if you type “kya kar rahe ho” which is in Hindi, it will generate the sticker with this sentence and you can send this sticker to your friend. This feature makes chat more attractive and fun. 



Hike messenger is a good application to use because of its numerous features which, also, includes a group with 1000 members (100 members in WhatsApp).

You can conference call with 1000 people at once in Hike (8 in WhatsApp).

Also, Hike was founded by an Indian. With all these features, Hike deserves to be used and please give it a try.

I have used Hike myself. So, go local instead of global. Hence, Hike is a better and fun app to use.