From the paths of Mathura and Vrindavana, the shades of Holi have spread everywhere in the country. These tones likewise convey the message of affection, fellowship, and truth. So at whatever point you sprinkle Holi tones on someone, you give him a guarantee of being honest, generally towards him. Keep up the bond with him deep-rooted. Also, give him all the believable love for the duration of your life.

Holi is the festival of colors to celebrate love with colors and flowers. Approving a cheerful and safe Holi ought to be everyone’s need. Everyone assemble to ask, eat, and drink. Yet above all, pelt each other with water expand, pichkari’s, colors, and Balloons. The festival begins in the evening of Purnima or the full moon day. Holi can also be named Holika Dehen or Choti Holi.

What are Organic and Natural Colors?

organic colors for holi

In past years, people always ignore the part of how to find better and organic colors? How it’s so important to use safer colors? But fortunately, people understand the use of organic colors rather than colors that have been made utilizing amazingly harmful synthetic substances.

Natural Holi colors discovered and created with natural raw materials like Hibiscus flowers, Heena, flower powders, petals, and more. These natural colors are safer and play easily by everyone. The ingredients used in organic colors are soothing and friendly to your skin. Also, cause no harm to the environment as well.

How to play with Organic Colors?

Playing Holi with natural colors helped to serve skin and better hair nourishment. These colors include herbs, species, natural substances, and more. The organic colors derived from natural sources such as flowers, sandalwood roots, and petals of various plants. These herbal colors are available in all shades of pink, red, yellow, and blue, etc. But unfortunately, markets around the Holi festival sell both the colors herbal as well as non-herbal. Non-herbal colors include so many chemicals substances, dyes, detergents, and more. These colors look very attractive in shades, also in cheap price yet so much harmful.

Go with natural and organic colors always, these colors are quite costlier but safer and best.

Is it harmful to play Holi with  Organic Colors?

No, absolutely not, as organic colors are filled with purely natural substances.

Reasons why organic colors are not harmful?

why use organic colors in holi

  • Skin politely– These natural Holi tones/ gulal don’t make any harm to your skin. Synthetic-based tones are infamous for causing rashes, redness, and at times infections. Children praising this celebration feel the impacts of the synthetics more than any other individual. Their natural partners notwithstanding have been produced using normally happening substances. Hence, they don’t cause any skin disturbances at all.
  • Climate Friendly– The organic colors are eco-friendly that cause no harm to soil and nature. The synthetic substances bring down the supplements in soil that influence the grass, plants, and trees.      is 100% organic gives a natural fragrance.
  • Eyes protector– Cheerful playing Holi with colors, pichkaris, and water expand brings joy to the colors of Holi. Playing Holi with organic colors helps you to protect your eyes from redness, irritation, and rashes. Also, it free from any kind of eye pain. The synthetic compounds saturate your eyes and can cause extreme inside harm. This isn’t the situation with natural tones as there are no synthetic compounds present.
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  • Pet Friendly– Don’t ignore your pets. Applying chemical colors on your pets can be a lot greater for them than it tends to be for you. It can cause serious skin troubles and can possibly cause infections. Natural or home organic gulal again completely protected to use on your pets as well.

Tips if you are going for Holi Celebration:

  1. Wear something which you will not be wearing once more.
  2. Cover your skin with oil and wear garments you can discard.
  3. While playing Holi with family and friends close your eyes and mouth when somebody is pouring powder all over. The taste can get truly poor and your vision will go dark.
  4. Try not to take your telephone or advanced camera with you. Except if they are secured and covered.
  5. Keep children safe during Holi with cheap and defective colors.

Advantages of playing Holi with Organic Colors

Organic and natural colors are not only useful for your skin, hair, and eyes. However, even clean and remove the dead skin. Organic colors utilize in Ayurveda. The red tone is refreshing and animates heart capacities and relaxation. Yellow soothingly affects organs particularly the digestion fields and blue has a quieting and calm impact on our body and faculties.

Disadvantages of playing Holi with Harmful Colors

Chemical and non-herbal colors badly affect our skin as well as the environment. It may include detergents, dyes, copper sulfate, lead oxide, and more that not only damage your skin. But deep inside causes various problems. For instance, allergies, rashes, skin burning, and irritation. These colors are not safe for animals as well.

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