I am sure most of us feel helpless at some point in time. You must have felt like being trapped in a cage where no one can reach you or get you out of it. Have you ever wondered why is that so?

You must have felt like doing many things but you never got the thing you needed to help you achieve these things. Well!!! Let me tell you something- helpless feelings are temporary. 

Do not lose hope or give up on life. Just wait until the time passes and keep yourself sane. Don’t take such a step now that might make you regret it later. Think about the people who care about you. There may be someone out there who needs you or may need you in the future. Do you want to make them feel like you are feeling now?

You are just not feeling motivated because of various negative things going around you. Just keep in mind that you will always have chances to change your situation until you live. Hang on there and do not think that losing motivation is a very bad thing. Nothing can be as bad as losing your life.

I am going to help you in every way I can but for that, I need your help. Because no one can help you until you want to help yourself. Are you understanding? I want you to follow the simple steps that are listed below.  I am sure these will help you.

The steps to defeat with  “helpless feelings” are as follows:-

Helpless feelings

1. Find the reason why you are feeling helpless

Identify the reasons that made you feel helpless. List down the trigger points which lead to your helpless feelings. Check if you could have done something to avoid it. Try to replay the situation in your mind to see what would happen if you would have reacted in some other way to that situation. Sometimes the only best thing you can do in such situations is to stop reacting to it. First, focus on being calm down and then look at the problem patiently.

2. Change the way you are thinking

I know it may be hard but in most cases of feeling helpless, one of the good things to do is to change your perspective of looking at things. The mountain always looks tough to climb from below but once you reach its top, you will feel much better about it.

Look at your situation as someone else would look at it. This may seem difficult and tough at first but once you do it, you will become aware of what exactly happened and what you could have done. 

3. Check if your thoughts are rational and valid

Most of the time, the thoughts we have about the issues we are facing may happen seem scary but in reality, they may not be. 

Figure out whether what you are thinking about is likely to happen or not. Try to check all the variables and factors in the situation and how you can change these variables. Seeing these things with fear usually makes us assume things falsely.

4. Pay attention to the good rather than the bad

Helpless feelings

In situations like these, our minds tend to focus on the bad things around us. This just adds up to the bad feelings. we have always choice to pay attention to the positive sides. So try to be aware of this and change your focus towards the good things that you have.

Lastly, if these points do not help you, it is better to accept the situation as it is. because you cannot change the things are happened but you can always change the way you respond to the situation.  Remember that you are not alone. We all have someone to look after. We all feel what we are feeling now or may feel soon. It is normal. Just keep yourself calm and do not let these thoughts ruin your positive mindset. The world needs you or shall need you one day. Just look forward to what’s next for you.

We hope that these 4 steps help you to overcome feeling helpless. To know more, visit our other blog 10 healthy habits of happy people