Every easiest thing now was the hardest when started. Do you remember how difficult your class 12th board examination was? But now, in the 20s, it seems quite easy, doesn’t it? Well, this article is solely dedicated to establishing how Happiness Leads to Success! Stay tuned.

By the way, remember that time when multiplying 291 with 762 was the toughest homework? OR when you cried because you couldn’t differentiate between Alternating Current and Direct Current?

Why does this happen to us?

Why do things seem to be difficult when we are working on it? And as soon as we pass that level, they suddenly seem to be easy.

It is because our mind analyzes things that are in front of us. It compels us to think that they are difficult so that we put our best in that particular thing. This is how our mind functions at difficult times.

I know preaching things is much easier than practising them. BUT trust me, happiness is independent of success!

When we feel positive, we feel happy. When we are happy everything no matter how hard it seems easy. Positivity has an amazing power to summon our mind with positive thoughts. Happiness creates an aura around us. It is because of this, that whatever we feel seems normal. It is this aura which helps us to achieve our goals.

Having A Positive Attitude:

Positive attitude towards anything will help us achieve everything in our life. It is not easy to look at things positively at all times. This leads to de-motivation and triggers negative thoughts. But that’s completely fine. We are human, it is our right to feel both ways.

What happens when you see a good thing in a negative manner?

happiness leads to successFor example, let us say you got an opportunity for working in a multinational company as an “unpaid” intern and you have just passed your graduation this year, how will you react to it?

Case 1- You are very happy to get the news.

You run to your friends and family to share it with them. From the next day, you went into the company, thinking that you are fortunate enough to get professional working experience.

This kind of thinking describes a positive attitude in life. It tells us how happy and positive you felt after hearing about the news. A person with this kind of attitude always sees everything in a different manner.

Case 2- You get demotivated and call it a useless opportunity.

You thought there is no monetary value attached to your work there.

This kind of nature describes your money-oriented mind rather than an urge to learn. People who think that money is everything usually tend to lose various opportunities.

We as teenagers have nothing to lose and only to gain with whatever comes in our life. It is us who have to be patient every time and think that if one door is closing, another is definitely going to open for us.

It’s just a matter of time and hard work.

Happiness as an Emotion:

We all know happiness is an emotion. We all desire happiness.

What is happiness?

Happiness is thought of our mind.

I might find happiness in food while you may find happiness in writing. 

Therefore, happiness is regarded as an emotional thought of our mind. A thought that we are happy doing a particular thing.

How can happiness lead to success?

What is the relation between happiness and success? Yes, we get happiness from success. BUT can happiness lead to any real success?

When we are happy, we feel motivated. When we feel motivated, we automatically put our best efforts in completing a particular task.

Have you ever wondered or noticed that when a person appreciates your work? You are filled with positive energy. You put in more efforts to do that work more gracefully. Similarly, when someone criticizes you or discourages you. You might feel discouraged and not put much effort into it, since the person already declared that he doesn’t like your work.

Sometimes exceptions can happen like someone’s de-motivation can prove to be a motivating statement for your work.

Success is how you think:

Success is not how much you earn. Rather it is measured by the amount of knowledge you have.

How you think and what is your perspective towards mankind is a part of your knowledge. Our thinking is enhanced by our experience.

The value of time in your life is understood by the experiences gained. Time is a different topic yet plays an important role in your journey to success. There are a lot of people suffering from lack of resources. Yet they are able to reach their goals in life. It is because all successful men have one thing in common. They never lose hope. They always believe in their hard work and choose the right path. These people never make excuses in life. They fight, they compete and they get what they want.

In your next interview, remember that – ‘Our confidence, positive thinking and knowledge help us to crack an interview’.

Being happy and facing every difficulty in life with a smile, makes your enemies weak. Always remember,  happiness is the key to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.

We hope that this correlation between Happiness leading to success helps you gain a better perspective on life. Also, visit TOP 5 Skills to Crack an Interview if you have an interview scheduled and rock it!