Being a good team leader is everyone’s choice. On school days we always want to be the class monitor, event leader, sports team captain, etc. In college, we want to be the class representative and senior in charge.

It means that we always want to be a leader. But do we know the qualities of a good leader? Do we have those qualities or not? And if not how can we develop those qualities to be a perfect leader? There are so many things that activate his/her team or followers towards a common goal. 

Simply, in everybody’s friend group there is one person who acts like a leader, who takes the responsibilities on him. Like when you all want a get-together or want to organize a party then that one person plans each and everything. Also, provide the details of the arrangement and everybody is ready to follow him as well. Similarly, it is common in school, college and office.

But don’t be confused that managers and leaders are the same. This is a common misconception that everyone has. Managers and leaders both are different. A manager is the one under which we work but a leader is the one who works with us.

A leader is one who can uphold his team together and extract the best. He sets the goals and objectives for his/her team.

Every team is formed for a purpose or and to accomplish that purpose a leader has to break the ice with his team members. this helps to form a bond with each other so that each member feels comfortable.

Basic Qualities of a Team Leader


1. Ability to communicate

The first and foremost quality of a leader is his ability to communicate, the way of influencing his team members and followers. This is one of the rarest quality. Not everyone has this quality to compel others to do the work against their will. Communication is that ability that can control anyone.

2. Integrity

A leader should have a strong morale, principles, and honesty. A person with strong ethics always upholds his team and he is not afraid to face the truth and reality. It gives a positive boost to his team and they all want to learn it from their leader.

3. Take initiative

Initiative means taking the first step. A leader should have strong and bold determination not only in his communication but also in his personality. He/she should always be ready to take initiative in any manner. When he/she is bold and straight forward his team also has a fearless attitude and they always agile to take new and bold initiatives.

4. Motivation

A single mind can’t take all the decisions alone and Hitler’s theory is also not going to work in our modern generation. Team leader has to motivate his team/followers from time to time so that their confidence level becomes high. Not every person has a hunger for money. Some are fond of self-respect and appreciation.

5. Confidence

A leader has to keep confidence as a blazing fire in his eyes and personality because if he/she is not confident then how he can motivate his team and how can he boost their confidence. A confident leader with a confident team always performs his task at the best level. But being confident and overconfident have a huge difference.

How to be a good team leader

6. Learning agility

This means being always ready to learn something new like fond of learning, what to do, how to do when to do it. Learning from experience and then applying those lessons in different situations. A great leader is always agile in learning and he doesn’t hesitate or feel shame in learning anything from anyone.

7. Positive approach

Not everyone has a positive approach. A positive approach means the manner of judging and the level of your positive thinking. Most of us always judge negatively without knowing the other side and it’s a sudden reaction of a common person. But a leader should have a positive approach. He has to be grateful to his team always.

8. Respect

Earning respect takes time and effort. Respect is the foundation of leadership quality. Without foundation, no one can make a skyscraper.

Because when there is no respect no one is going to listen to you so how a leader can manage his team and followers.

So, the synopsis is leadership is an integral part of human life. Being a leader is a very difficult task. When we are talking about a team so, the only leader is not the one who can manage each and everything. A leader has to be grateful to his team who always support him. He should also have the ability to understand the emotions and feelings of followers.

“Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.”- John Maxwell

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