Being in a long-distance relationship is not an easy task. Relationships need a lot of patience. You need to sacrifice on things more than a couple who’s not in a long-distance relationship! Couples in a long-distance relationship tend to miss on their partner’s presence in many important occasions of their life. Video calls and texting help, of course, but nothing soothes you more than the arm of your beloved, right? Well, we can’t help a couple move together, but we can certainly bring them closer this Valentine’s day! Scroll down to read this creative blog about How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship!

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.Khalil Gibran

How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship

14th of February is one of those days when you miss your partner’s presence the most. BUT no worries! You can still make your partner feel special even when you can’t be around them.  Get ready to shower love on your partner this Valentine. Here is How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship!

1) Plan a virtual date together

This is the simplest thing to do for your partner, with your partner, if you are wondering How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship.

Plan a virtual dinner date together or have breakfast together. Take some time out and have some deep, meaningful talks. This can be the best time to discuss what you cherish about the relationship and make up for all the time you have not been able to make time for each other. This would also show your partner how much this relationship means to you as you are not letting a special day go just because you can’t be next to each other.

Virtual dates - How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship

After all, little things matter, don’t they?

2) Send them handwritten letters by post 

This is something people dream of in this generation of emails and texts. Receiving a letter by post which is not for any official purpose is very rare these days. And when it’s from a special person with their feelings written all over it, it can brighten up anyone’s day!

So, pour down all your feelings for your special person on a piece of paper and let them know how much they mean to you. This would be one of the best surprises they would have ever received, I promise. 

3) Send them a video message 

When you are in a long-distance relationship, exchanging texts is the most common means of communication and wishing them a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day ‘ on text might not be special enough. But sending a video message can be a great idea. After all, seeing each other is what you both crave! Your partner would love to see you wish them. This little effort of yours would make their day and I know it matters to you a lot. 

4) Send a hand-made gift to them 

This might require a bit of hard work but if you are really good at handcrafts, go for it. In fact, get your creative juices flowing, your partner would cherish your gift. It could be anything like a scrapbook that contains all the memories and moments you have created together. It can also be a painting you have made for them. 

Hand made gifts and videos - How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship

Yes, it could be anything that shows your hard work and dedication towards them. 

5) Send them their favourite food 

Good food can elevate anyone’s mood. And when it’s their favourite meal, it definitely would. So, take advantage of food delivery services and send them their favourite food. You can also order the same food for yourself, facetime them and enjoy it together. It would feel like you are having your meal together. This would also show them that you remember their favourite meal. 

6) Plan an off-season celebration

It’s okay if you can’t meet on Valentine’s day. You can still celebrate it whenever you get to meet each other. So, promise them a romantic date when you meet the next time. It’s not necessary to celebrate it on the same day if you can’t make it to be with each other. What matters is whether you are looking forward to making up for it or not. 

7) Plan a Surprise visit to them 

I saved this one for the last because this can be the best surprise you can give to your long-distance partner. If you are still wondering How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship, remove the distance!

Surprise visit - How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship

This would make them jump with joy. I guarantee that. But make sure you know their schedule in advance before making a visit so that it doesn’t go waste. 

Dear readers, these were some of the things you could do if you are puzzled about Valentine’s Day. I hope that you found your perfect answer to How to Celebrate Valentine in Long Distance Relationship? 

Comment below if it was useful. You can also write your suggestions in the comment section. And have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!