Some of us are so focused on getting a job since childhood. So, we directly jump into the ocean of internships as soon as we pass our 12th standards. There is no particular time when you should start applying for a particular internship. Our experience and knowledge about the post we are applying to in a company are what matters.what is internship

What is an Internship?

An internship is a small pre-job experience in a professional field. It depends on the quantity and quality of work which is asked of you to perform in a professional environment. There are different kinds of internships, nowadays, all over the internet. The main question here is, how and when to find which one is suitable for us.

The major requirements of an intern include how well one is equipped in their field and their confidence in facing challenges. Many people learn in their undergraduate courses about how to crack an interview, how to be consistent with work and how to act professionally in a corporate setting. After gaining sufficient knowledge about their favourite field, they decide to search for available internships in their city. We will learn here about different ways and sites through which we can apply for suitable internships. Internships are done to gain prior knowledge and experience before applying it in an actual job.

The right time for finding an internship

As I said earlier, there is absolutely no right time for doing a campaign or an internship. Internships may be for 3 months or more as per the criteria of the company you are applying for. There may be different qualification criteria, as well, in different organizations. Whenever you start to apply for an internship or campaign, always remember these points-

  • what do interns doAlways check the eligibility criteria before applying for a company of your choice.
  • Make an acceptable format of your personal profile and provide all your essentials details, as needed.
  • Never submit your only profile in more than one company, make changes as the particular company demands.
  • Try accepting the offer if you get it, even if it is unpaid because you are here to learn not to earn!

Internships can be both, paid or unpaid.  This procedure of paying or not paying their intern is in the hands of the company’s senior. Make your work presentable because in the long run, it’s not you, but your work and your knowledge, that will shine. There is work from home options available, as well, with some firms. Work from home is easier but kind of less professional. I, personally, feel that it doesn’t give the vibe of working for a multinational company.

Benefits of doing an internship in the 1st year of college

Many people avoid doing anything way too professional in the starting year of their college life. We are so keen on enjoying every new thing that comes up at that time. The thought of actually doing something productive slips our minds completely.

There are a lot of benefits in doing an internship earlier but we usually don’t see the bright side of everything, do we? Often recognized companies will provide a certificate, offer letter and, in the end, an approved letter of recommendation. These are proofs that you can attach with your portfolio before applying to another company. Certain benefits of applying for internships earlier are as follows-

  • You will gain experience and you will learn how to behave in the corporate world.
  • There will be confidence within you when you speak to others about your own work.
  • Starting earlier in college life will make you more focused towards your goals and you will try harder to be successful.
  • There will be a lot of time with you in your 2nd and 3rd years in which you can apply for more internships. This will help build your portfolio to be much stronger.

Apps/sites that offer internships

The very famous Internshala app is a platform basically designed for young aspiring students who are in search of internships in their city. What do you have to do and how does this app works?  First of all, download this app from the play store, either on your computer or on your phone. Sign up for an account in the app using your email id and phone number.

When you start searching for internships in your city, this app will ask you for your field of interest. Fill in all the necessary information this app asks you, use filters to find an ideal internship for yourself. As soon as you find one, click on the apply button after reading the eligibility criteria. The company will ask you to attach your portfolio, fill in the details in the app provided format. Enter your details and attach the file with the company. Done.

There are many sites available on Google with the same facility. Some of these include,, and

How does an internship make you fit for the corporate world?

These internships are like the cherries on top of the cake. These are small, much sweeter and, often, eaten first. Similarly, when a person applies for an internship, he is ready to face the difficulties of corporate, confidently.

We are all freshers at some point in our lives and those are the moments in which our learning capacity is at its maximum phase. This is your first raw step towards professional life. First interviews are scary and force one to utter something stupid and out of context. But that doesn’t mean that one can’t be successful in life.

Have you ever heard that the first step is often the hardest step to take, rest is the journey to carry on? That’s the secret of life, my friend!