Aren’t you excited at the thought of having your own journal? Well, I was, when I wrote this article on how to make a journal of my own.

You might be thinking – what is a journal? A Journal is simply a book you buy to write down your daily activities. A journal could be a diary to note every day’s events. A dairy is something in which you write events as they happen. Whereas a journal is a book used to explore ideas that take shape.

journal versus diary

People of different attributes are often found to keep a journal of their own. A journal is a blank page of opportunities in which you need to pen down what you’ll make of those opportunities.

We can, basically, write anything in it. You can write weekly, monthly, or maybe something non-linear in your journal. The most important thing about keeping a journal is that you should write the truth about yourself in that. A journal of a person is often considered their mirror image, as it reflects each and every side of the person it belongs to.

It’s like having a best friend with whom you can share everything about yourself and who neither judges you nor ridicules you or anything about you. Moreover, it’s an advantage that, despite knowing about your every secret, it’s always safe with you, as long as you don’t allow anyone to read your journal.

Steps to create a journal!        

Well, I am already excited. Let’s dive straight into journal making, shall we?        

Buy a clear page notebook /diary.

Hurry up! Before it’s too late. Get up and run to a stationary shop near you and buy a plain notebook or dairy. The reason behind why I am asking you to buy a plain notebook is that, if you buy a plain one it is easier to decorate it as per your desire, fill it with your personality or find your personality.

  1. Use a simple and small notebook, so that you can carry it with you in a bag wherever you go.
  2. Spiral leather-bound notebook for the more mature and, maybe, pinkish toned artistic printed fancy ones for the more mystical. You can decorate the cover, as per the theme of your thoughts.
  3. Sometimes, no matter where you hide your journal, there may be someone who will read your journal (intentionally or not) and, to avoid your personal thoughts from being known, you can either make a personal notes column in your computer, where you can write your more personal thoughts, or, maybe, some kind of a personal blog.

Think about what you will write in your journal.

There are many reasons as to why we journal. From travel journals, dream journals, gratitude journals to prayer journals, we keep specific journals for different aspects of our life. People used to keep personal journals in which they recorded their day’s events and their observations regarding life.

There are many famous writers whose personal journals we read to understand their struggles in life. Many motivational stories that those journals have taught us in every phase of life. Some such writers are “Anne Frank” and “Samuel Pepys”, hadn’t they maintained their journals we would have been unaware of the methods of dealing with life problems.

It’s your journal, you are going to write your thoughts, no matter how, there is no right or wrong way of making a journal.

Make sure you write daily

Write whatever you feel in your journal. Writing daily helps to cleanse your mind and makes space for new thoughts to come in your head.

It’s a form of therapy, suppose you are not feeling good, something is disturbing you, say, you met an unknown person today and it made you feel like you already knew that person. Whoa! It’s such an interesting story to write upon under today’s date.

Believe me, when I say that it’s a kind of therapy, it is. When you write, you get rid of whatever you are thinking of and the very moment you finish writing, you are filled with a sense of satisfaction, a relief.

Not initially but, make sure to write at least one line daily or as you wish, this will help you create a routine. Don’t be lazy. Get up and write about how your day was today, your journal is still waiting.

Show some artistic creativity

It’s the best time to showcase how creative you are. Take out your pens and get started. There are many designs you could experiment and try out. Think and analyze your thoughts and apply them in the direction of creativity.

How to make a cover for your journal?

It’s pretty simple. Firstly, you will need a chart paper of your colour choice then, cut the paper 2 cm bigger than the size of your journal on all sides. Cut the sides of the paper to make them fold in. Apply glue on all sides of the temporary cover and cover the notebook with the chart paper. Grab some interesting stickers, as per your aesthetic; put them on the chart paper cover and you are good to go.

There is no right way of decorating a journal. It entirely depends on how creative you want to be. If your journal’s cover is appealing to your eyes, automatically you will end up writing more in it.

there is no wrong or right way to create your journal

Narrate your point of view

Like I said earlier, it’s your journal, your personal diary in which you can write anything that you desire. It’s a matter of perspective. Use your journal to explore the things that you would never tell another person. Be utterly honest with yourself, and don’t hold anything back.

  • Try not to correct yourself when you write because those are your original thoughts regarding something.  Write as if no one will ever read those words except you.
  • Journaling for therapy is highly effective. Studies have indicated that people who write on daily basis are much more stress-free. Let your writing habit hold you together when you feel like everything is falling apart.
  • Don’t think twice before jotting down your studious activities or feelings of the day.
  • Elaborate about the incidents that gave you chills and describe your happiest times under a particular topic, so that it may be easier for you to recall in the future.

Advantages of having a journal

  • You have a companion with whom you can share anything and everything and at any time you feel like. No complaints, no judgments. There is no one whom you have to answer to, as to why and what made you write such things. It’s entirely private.
  • Acts like a stress buster. Journaling daily can make you empty your struggles and stresses in an efficient way. This may even give you an opportunity of keeping a record of your life with you into the future.
  • It’s fun and makes you cheerful. Journaling can be a lot of fun when done with interest. Take time and give time to yourself for yourself. Start writing when you feel relaxed, in this way you can write beautifully and appropriately about the things happening in your life.
  • Improves your writing skills. Writing daily might be boring at the beginning but eventually, you will learn to play with the words you use. It will gradually improve your writing habit and will make you a better person with an impeccable vocabulary at your disposal.

Keep on writing religiously. I am sure you will make a beautiful journal about your life. Never leave behind the skill of writing because it’s the most elegant way of expressing yourself. Rightly said words are greater than a sword!