How to manage personal finace

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Personal finance, a term given for managing your money or expenditure in a
well-planned way or, we can say, planning your saving, expenditure, and investment. Anyone can easily manage
their money but we have only to follow some of the basic rules that will help us manage personal finance
properly,. It doesn’t matter either you are a big entrepreneur or a middle-class family man who has
a very decent salary. We all have to follow some simple principles of money-saving.
Here, we have some of the basic tips on How to manage personal finance?

1. Always be updated with your payments.

The digital world of money transactions has a great impact on our budget as compared
to cash methods so you have to keep a regular eye on your transactions.

2. Always track your budget within a short time span.

Always update yourself with your budget within a short period of time as this is in our hands. We can update ourselves by regularly updating with budgets.

3. Always set your priorities towards your different expenditures.

We often get confused between which payment should be done first? or which should be in our high priority? Do credit card bills seem to be a headache?

4. Make a financial expenses calendar.

you have to make proper planning for how you are going to use your budget.
some of the basic things in almost everyone’s life is: –

  • education for children

  • lifestyle

  • health

  • entertainment

  • investment

  • loan of pending payment

5. Don’t spend too much on leisure.

You have to start saving money from a very early stage, don’t spend the maximum of your
the budget on a luxury item, as you have other priorities to ensure money propagation properly.

Don’t spend too much on leisure.

Credit : Canva

41% of housing
6% of utilities
24% of transport
5% of clothing
12% of education/lifestyle
12 % of saving

6. Try learning from experiences.

Always remember one thing, don’t waste money on irreverent items. Moreover, try to invest it in your learning power as education and learning never go in vain or we can also say education and learning is the key to your success.
let’s take an example: suppose you have to do a project,” ah..hh not a very large or some kind of industrial project, just suppose a small project” and the project doesn’t require a large period, but if you don’t know
how to do it, you will hire an expert for that, even if there is no need for it, and you
are going to spend money on that expert. It is fine if it was a one-time thing. But,
every time you need to do a project, surely you will need that expertise and later will spend
money on the expert every time.

Now, you can do yourself a favor towards maintaining the budget, by learning the project management skill. Here you have two benefits, one is that you are going to save money from the lack of hiring an expert and, the other one, you now have a new skill…. That’s it…. and finally, hope you got the idea.

7.Here are some of the basic tips that will help you in planning to manage your personal finance.

● Gather:
gathering client information
● Establish:
establish goals and objective
● Analyze:
Analyzing financial condition
● Develop:
developing and presenting a finance plan
● Implement:
Implement the plan
● Monitor:
monitoring and review financial plan
In short, Work in the present, save for the future!!!
There are more in numbers than these seven tips. You only have to do is get collecting the right information which may help you.

Some basic and practical tips on how to save your personal finance.

⮚ Start investing in real estate:

Firstly make your base strong. Once you are settled properly and further you can start investing in real estate because real estate is said to be a long term plan.

⮚ Keep yourself updated with the stock market:

However, the stock market will always help you in growing your capital. Read whatever is
related to the stock market and share market. Many articles on the internet will help
you understand how the stock markets work in every person’s life.

⮚ Start from basic:

Stop wondering what? or how? People often plan for bigger things and start
thinking about how to invest in huge things, but don’t get confused if you start from the very basic and from ground level. Start with zero and, eventually, after some
time, you will learn how to invest in large capitals.

⮚ Save for retirement:

we can’t work the whole of our lives, the young generation should start saving for
their retirement. In other words, we can say use your youth energy to enjoy your old age.

Save for retirement


A child has a lot of energy and time but no money whereas old age has a lot of money but no time and energy.
But, the younger generation has a lot of energy but has limited time and not
enough money.
Finally, this is the time you can start earning and saving for old age as
you have enough time and energy to make your capital increase rapidly.

What are some suggestions  for our young generations.
We are free to do anything but we must start investing in ourself.
keep learning new things and hustling accordingly your future goals.. And it is time to work to change our future.