What is Humanity?

Humanity is the one that helps to reduce the pain. “A person with humanity only being called as a true human.” It shows togetherness, raises love, forms kindness and understanding towards each other.

Among all the living beings only humans are the one who has the power to build or ruin the dignity of the whole world.

Many emotions travel under it from which ‘Pity’ is the one which has some narrow terms. It is a sympathetic sorrow that evolved by the suffering of others. The word “Compassion” also exists under humanity. That has positive points as this feeling shows empathy towards each other.

Now, it got clear that pity and humanity have no similarity in their actions. Pity is the part of humanity, not a synonym of it.   


Difference Between Pity vs Compassion Both Exist in Humanity


Humanity and Pity Difference is important to understand

Both are the parts of humanity only,  still consists some dissimilarity among themselves which vary their actions.

Pity is the one that helps to feel sorrow for another’s misery.

Compassion is the feeling of sympathy and the need to help others alleviate their living conditions.

Pity does not indicate the feeling of empathy.

But, compassion shows sympathy as well as empathy towards others.

Pity concerns the feeling of sorry.

But, compassion brings the feeling of helping.

Pity has some negative points.

Compassion always brings the feeling of positivity.

Pity necessarily followed by a sense of condescension.

But, compassion has no sense of condescension.

The Distinction Between Sympathy and Empathy


Humanity and Pity Difference is important to understand


Empathy is the one that makes the person experience the other’s feelings. It helps to understand the next person. This feeling connects one person with another emotionally. Not only at the time of sorrow, even at the time of happiness too.

On the other hand, Sympathy defines someone else’s sorrow. That only comes at the time of seeing someone’s suffering.  

According to social psychologist and bestselling author Brene Brown:


Humanity is filled with lots of emotions as they are interrelated to each other. Every emotion works according to the circumstances.  Overall, minute differences among them can change the whole scenario. A person who is compassionate towards his work can easily win anything and understand things.

The expression like; Poor, so sad, not deserving totally shows that so pity we feel towards other’s pain. But every person doesn’t feel good if someone shows pity because this shows them to feel worthless. They have no ability to take care of themselves and brings bitterness. Guilty, worry, sadness is part of pity.

Compassion encourages people to fight against their misery by themselves. Ensures them to know their own strength. This feeling spreads happiness, positivity, and strength to fight against the problems.


Humanity and Pity Difference is important to understand

If any person shows pity, he can only understand that another person is so in pain but by giving sympathy or providing them money. It can only heal their physical pain but never encourage them to make themselves vigorous internally.

The feeling of superiority and inferiority also comes in case of pity.

On the other hand, compassion brings equality. Every person loves their self-dignity and avoids gaining sympathy from others. Now people are trying to solve their problems by themselves only. If someone encourages something and makes them believe that they can do without anyone’s help and shows that such person makes the other feel positive and happy, this shows the signs of being compassionate.

A small example can clear the doubts between pity and compassion

If we treat our servants that they are so poor, and giving them clothes, foods, money, etc. clearly  shows the feeling of pity towards him/her


But, with all those things, trying to understand their situation or circumstances and always encouraging them to feel positive helps to share the feelings with each other without any hesitation.

Compassion always highlights humanity; both pity and compassion perform according to the circumstances but can’t deny accepting that no one likes to become feeble(except some who like to gain attention and sympathy). People judge them as per their poverty so, always remember.

Compassion is the key to positivity.”

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