Instagram, Insta, or IG is an application to share photos and videos with others. Whether it is brand or consumer, everyone loves using Instagram and that’s why it is the most loved application today. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in the year 2010. It is currently owned by Facebook Incorporated. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for 1 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg linked Facebook and Instagram and now you can share your posts or stories to both the application simultaneously. 

Unique features of Instagram App

top features of instagram

  • Photo sharing: Initially Instagram only allowed to share photos. Now you can upload a 1-minute video and the rest you can share on IGTV. 
  • Limit of 10 photos: Instagram has a limit to sharing only 10 photos in a single post. You can’t share more than that in a single post. You can upload multiple posts for sharing other photos. 
  • Instagram Business: Instagram can be used by businesses. You can use insights to see the impressions, reach, etc., You can also do paid promotion here. You can collaborate with influencers. 
  • IGTV: You can upload longer-duration videos (above 1 minute) here. You can also share live videos on IGTV. 
  • Filters: Instagram has many filters for sharing pictures both while posting them and while sharing them on stories. There are filters like Jaipur, Osaka, New York, etc. in the story posting option. You can also edit using filters before posting a post. 
  • Reels: TikTok was banned in India, in 2020. Instagram Reels made an entry, after that. You can create short videos on Instagram using reels just like TikTok and share them. 
  • Search Feeds: In IG feeds, you can see the posts, IGTV videos, stories of the people who you don’t even follow but you searched them or it is related to your past searches. For instance, if your searched Rihanna, you will see posts from her next time for sure. 
  • Follow: You can follow people, brands, hashtags on Instagram and you will mostly see posts, stories from them in your home feed.

Why is Instagram loved by people?

72% of adolescent users in US are on Instagram.

  • Mostly the youth uses Instagram. As time changed, the young generation shifted to Instagram from Facebook. Nearly 72% of adolescents use Instagram in the United States. 69% of youths use Snapchat, and 51% of youngsters use Facebook.

almost 1 billion users use instagram every month

  • There are approximately one billion active users on Instagram every month, as of January 2020. 
  • People love to share their life happenings with their loved ones. And whatever is online, it will stay there forever. So, sharing ideas, values, in the forms of memories is the best thing. 
  • Many users use Instagram to connect with people and be part of the social community. It helps users to find more friends and relate with others virtually. 
  • It is a way to escape from the real world. Whenever someone is angry, they post their views on social media, and whenever someone is happy, they share their happiness on social media. So, social media is a way to escape from worldly things. 
  • Some people use Instagram because their friends are on Instagram, their family members are on Instagram. This is peer pressure to be in the social environment and not having fear of missing out. 
  • Many people use to become influencers. Some are interested in cooking, some in fashion and they want to share their life experiences with others and want to become an influencer. Also, brands collaborate with such famous influencers and pay them. 
  • Brands also love Instagram because of more consumer engagement and it is very crucial to have an Instagram presence for any brands whether you are big or small. 


There are almost 500 million active users daily. Instagram is a free application to use for Android and iOS users. People can also use Instagram on their desktops. There are various ways to attract users to your brand. You can do a shout-out, host contests for your user, you can do a collaboration with people having a huge following, you can do polls, etc. Instagram pictures get 23% more engagement than any other application. And hence Instagram is the most loved app. 

This was our attempt to define Instagram App and its features. We hope that this blog not only interested you but also helped you. Meanwhile, also visit our blog about Hike Messenger – Made with Love, in India