Joanne Rowling was born on 31 July 1965, known by her pen name J. K. Rowling. J. K. Rowling is a British author, screenwriter, producer, and philanthropist. She is better known for her Harry Potter fantasy series, which has sold 500 million copies worldwide and has won many awards. After becoming a billionaire, she donated all her money to charity and lost her billionaire status. She lived a “rags to riches life” in which she progressed from being broke to being among the list of richest people in the UK. She is currently ranked 178th richest person in the UK in 2020, by Sunday Times.

Inspiration from mother’s death

In the year 1990, while J. K. Rowling was on a train trip from Manchester to London, the idea of Harry Potter, a young boy attending a school of wizardry, came into her mind. She started writing immediately after reaching the Clapham Junction flat. In December, Rowling’s mother, Anne, died after suffering for ten years from multiple sclerosis. She was writing on Harry Potter, and she had never told her mom about it. The death of her mother had a tremendous effect on her writings. What she felt at the time of her loss, she channelized it by writing about Harry’s loss of parents and his feelings, in-depth in her first book. 

Difficulties –

Marriage, divorce, and single parenthood

After J. K. Rowling moved to Porto, Portugal to teach English as a foreign language, she met Portuguese television journalist, Jorge Arantes, in a bar. On 16 October 1992, their marriage was in Portugal and their first child, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes, was born on 27 July 1993. She was a victim of domestic abuse in her first marriage and a miscarriage before. They went through with a separation on 17 November 1993. In December of the year 1993, J. K. Rowling moved with her then-infant daughter to Edinburgh, Scotland, to be near Rowling’s sister. By that time, she had finished the three chapters of what would become Harry Potter.

J. K. Rowling saw herself as a failure. Failure in her marriage, had a miscarriage, was a victim of domestic abuse, went through a loss, was jobless with a dependent child, living in near poverty but all that failure gave her liberty to write. At the same time, she was diagnoses with clinical depression and even considered suicide. The inspiration for Dementors, a soul-sucking character in her third book, was from her illness. J. K. Rowling was in great anguish, after seeing her husband from Portugal in search of Rowling and her daughter. She immediately filled the restraining order, as well as, for divorce in August 1994. After completing her novel, she started teaching as a training teacher at Morey House School of Education at Edinburgh University.

 Achievement – Harry Potter

In 1995, J. K. Rowling completed the manuscript of her first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. She was so excited and very enthusiastic about completing it because Bryony Evens, a reader who asked her to review her first three chapters and told her to present it to publishers. The manuscript was rejected by the twelve publishing houses. After a year, her first book was published by Editor Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury in London. In 1997, she received an £8,000 grant to continue her writing.


In 1997, her first book won its first award, a Nestle Smarties Book Prize, and later won the second award British Book Award for Children Book of the Year. 1998 – auction held for rights to publish in the US won by Scholastic Inc. for US$105,000.

In 1998, the sequel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was published and won the Smarties Award. 1999 -December, her third novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was published, and won Smarties Prize, making J. K. Rowling the first person to win that prize in a row.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth book released both in the US and the UK at the same time. It broke all the sales records in both countries. They sold 372,775 copies on the first day of sale in the UK, whereas, they sold 3 million copies in 48 hours in the US. J. K. Rowling was the author of the year in 2000 British Book Awards

The release of her fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, was after half a decade. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth book was released on 16 July 2005. It broke all the records by selling 9 million copies on its first day.

On 21 July 2007, the final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow were released and it broke all the previous records by selling 11 million copies, becoming the fastest-selling book. Harry Potter brand has worth US$15 Billion. The whole series has a total of 4,195 pages and has been translated into 65 languages.

What about J. K. Rowling inspires me? 

Even after 12 rejections of her book, despite living in poverty, she persisted with her dream. J. K. Rowling persisted to tell the world a story of the magical life of Harry Potter. JKR is an inspirational writer who helps children get a boost in life. She is also a strong role model who shares her imagination with growing children and charities.

Rowling was a billionaire, no other author, has achieved this status before. Her story is now a series of blockbuster movies, theme parks, and a popular fan-based podcast called MuggleCast. Despite seeing herself as a failure, she always believed in her story. The problems, pain that she has faced, channels it into her story, which comes out as a better story. 

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