The Facebook-owned WhatsApp is coming up with a new feature in which the ‘search for stickers’ will be made easy. According to WABetaInfo (WhatsApp tracker site), WhatsApp is working on a new feature, which will appear on the bottom-left corner of the screen. It is a small lens button on the screen, where one will see search bars and tabs like sad, happy, love, angry, excited, etc., when a user clicks on the lens button. 

This feature is still not up for the users and is at its testing phase. There is no official announcement regarding the feature by the company so far. This feature is of the version, a beta version of WhatsApp for the android users. This feature will let a user search for stickers in various different categories like on Messenger. This will help a user to find the appropriate sticker according to the mood and send it to people. 

The current sticker feature just allows the users to search randomly and there are no other options in the sticker tab. With the new feature, users will find segregated stickers of different moods. As per my knowledge, Messenger had somewhat similar features of stickers with different moods and now Facebook is trying to introduce the same feature on WhatsApp as well. This feature will be an improvement and advancement of the previous feature. 

If anyone is using the beta tester version of the app, she or he can update the app to find more about this new feature. Though, there is no information regarding when this feature will be out and up for the users. The lens button for stickers is not permanent for the beta version also. This means that the lens button will disappear after the very first use of it. 

For enabling the beta version of the app, go to the play store and update the app to the latest version of it. 

There are some other new features the company is working on as per WABetaInfo. In this feature, a user can create a profile on different phones with the same account. This means accounts with the same number (up to four) on various phones. And if this comes out, one needs to sync the chat history. This means that, if you are using X phone and chatting with someone and later you are using Y phone for chatting, you need to sync the Y phone’s chat to get the chats done from X phone. Using Wi-Fi would be recommended for such a case because it may lead to additional data charges. This feature is multi-device support for the instant messaging application.

Another feature might be disappearing chats. Like Snapchat, WhatsApp might introduce a time limit after which the chats will disappear. But there will be options to turn it on or off or a time limit, unlike Snapchat. WhatsApp keeps coming up with new features for its users. After taking over WhatsApp, Facebook owners had introduced many features for better use. 

WhatsApp recently launched QR codes, animated stickers, dark mode for desktop and web and etc. FYI, WhatsApp launched stickers for the first time in the year 2018. It would be interesting to see how its new features turn out. Let’s wait for WhatsApp to announce it officially and launch this feature along with other mentioned features.