School life was a hype up and college life is the best life, right? Well, maybe let’s agree to disagree. I say that the real-life is life after college. But first, we need to understand – what is real life? As we know,  life starts that day when we are born, isn’t it? But ‘real-life’ has some different meaning because, in our lifetime, we cross many phases without knowing where and what real life is! The real-life means reality. The reality involving both unwelcomed and welcomed experiences, distinct from the frictional or idealized world.

Real-life is not what we expect to happen. And until college, it is not real because life never goes according to your way. The reel doesn’t equal to real. This equation will remain the same, always. So, when you start to believe in real, that day you know what exactly life is!

The life before college

Let’s talk from the very beginning. The day when we were born, our journey of life started. Next, we grow with each passing year and finally, one day we enter into school.


School life – the golden period of life, all say. We learn so many things from here. Finally one day we reach 10th and then 12th, where we feel pretty stressed. While some students think of just passing marks, some for highest and some in the category of average. Now, when school life comes to an end. we start thinking of college entrance exams.


When it comes to college, we have many questions related to courses and college. We keep thinking about what to choose, what to study, what college to choose, etc. We ponder upon questions directly related to our career. The serious part of choosing a college or course is thinking about what to do after 3 or 4 years to easily get a job and get settled.

But, these questions hit our mind before admission only. Yes, believe me. It feels like, “wow it’s the best time of our life”! It feels reel not real. We all enjoy with friends, outings, picnics, bunks, etc. However, after college completion, these questions hit us differently. With many responsibilities and questions, life takes a complete U-turn and we fall back straight into reality.

Life After College – Why is this real life?

Throughout school and college life, we are dependent on our family with no tension of money, food, clothes or shelter. Generally, the only thing to care about is the study and chill. 

What happens after that???

Job responsibility –

After completing college, we look for a job. “How can we earn money?” It becomes our responsibility to get a job because now it’s our turn to serve, isn’t it? It is easy to talk about responsibilities or dream about it, but hard to uphold. And if somehow, we don’t get the job then we feel a bit frustrated, ashamed and irked.  However, employed or unemployed, we experience and learn several bitter and harsh truths of society and life.  These hardships after college, turn the reel to real, only in life after college.

Society pressure –

Did you know that society is more concerned about others’ life?

LOL! Okay, but social pressure, somewhere, also reminds us of our responsibilities towards our family. So immense toxicity but again, we unlearn, learn, grow and dive back into reality.

Lack of professional experience –


When we lack in professional job experiences,  we get frustrated.  Not being able to get any internships or jobs is annoying as a fresher. The inability to explore our self is a very important thing. 

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When we face struggle, we get to know the real value of life. The struggle to pay bills, the struggle to be independent, the struggle to gift loved ones, etc. keeps us in reality. Life after college introduces us to such struggles. The struggle seems never-ending, annoying and painful but it is a very important part of our life.

Peer pressure- 

Peer pressure is a bittersweet part of life. The peer pressure to earn as well as your friend could be as intense as the peer pressure to spend extravagantly like another friend. Peer pressure during life after college impacts your self-esteem too. Most often, it disturbs our mental peace but can also motivate us to go ahead and do some work.

However, it is not all. Even these clouds have their own silver lining.

Life after college gets better

We get to set our schedule – 

After college, it’s totally up to us to decide where our path is, where we should go, and what the right path is. Try to set your schedule and life’s direction. Don’t go straight for a full-time job. Probably choose a part-time job and explore it all. You can even choose no. of activities, clubs or volunteer opportunities to get involved in.

We have more independence

Real independence comes in the lofe after college. Being more in charge of your own life is tedious but empowering. You officially enter into real life after college and that is a good thing after all.

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We get to start our career

If you have a clear idea of where you want to go, you might seamlessly work towards your dream job.  Even if you have no idea, explore and have fun experiencing it all.  Take your sweet time to make it happen because life is not a race.

Our social circle gets changed

This is m most favourite part. Our social circle never stays the same after school or college. Life after college brings the phase where you tend to get picky and choose your circle wisely.

We start building the rest of your life

Yes, we have the chance to make beautiful and impactful friends. We can build our career, give time to our priorities and create something new and exciting!

Life after college is like a boat in the vast blue ocean. It is full of dangers, opportunities, adventures. The boat is never totally in your control. However, it is in your hands on what course you take. And once you embrace your real life after college, you can make your life after college better.

Do not fixate on the fact that college life is the best life. This obsession with the best life would somewhere make you unable to accept the real life after college. So, accept the changes and the responsibilities as they come. Real life starts only after college and you must be prepared to accept it. 

So, learn, grow and be real. Change is a part of life.  Let’s enjoy every journey of our life and keep reading Blogger Bunny.