To confine the space for animals and birds, they are put in cages. Cages limit the space of animals to roam around. Most animals spend most of their lives in cages. Today, animals are in National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, cowsheds, roads, homes (pets at home). If animals are at our homes as a pet, they have limited spaces to travel. 

When COVID-19 started, the government announced a lockdown in the country. Offices, schools, colleges were shut. Most businesses came to pause. People were forced to stay at home. Minimal vehicles were moving on roads. People thought lockdown would end soon. But this wasn’t the case. Lockdown became too long and seemed never-ending. People were bored at home. They didn’t really have anything to work on. They waited for the lockdown to get over. This scene lasted for almost 3 months. 

If human beings can’t stay at home for such a long duration of time, how can poor animals and birds do so? Many people realized about the life of animals and what animals go through. How animals feel when they are caged most of their lives. Animals get limited or no food to eat. They can’t roam around freely. They are treated like some useless things. But they cannot say anything. They can’t complain and human beings used this flaw and abused animals. 

In many parts of our country, still, animals are used as a mode of transport. Elephants rides, camel rides, horse rides, cow rides, etc., are still used by people, and animals are abused by it. We force them to increase their usual speed and beat them if they slow their speed. They are also beings and they also get tired. They also have feelings. It’s just that, they can’t express it and we take advantage of it. 

Problem with narrowed spaces

The main problem with confined spaces is animals have limited space. If you see a free-flying bird, it is happier in what it does. But when the same bird is in its cage, it can’t fly whenever it wants. It can’t eat whenever it wants. They are puppets of human beings. Some animals might be okay with being in a cage because they might be too lazy to roam around. But there are many animals who like to migrate. Animals who don’t want to be caged and it is difficult for them to be in there. 

The issue here is, animals and birds can’t go out when they want. They will go out only when we want them to go. It is like we own them, we have paid for them. We spent our money on them and then, we want it to act the way we want. We are controlling their lives. Their lives are in our hands. As human beings, we must understand their feelings, also. I don’t understand keeping pets at home. I don’t understand managing someone else’s life. We still have humanity in us. We need to treat animals as other beings only. Not like some piece of accessory or toy to use as we please. 

How are animals misused?

  • Animal rides: When human beings get tired, they use animals to ride. They are made to do the work, their owners want them to do. We mistreat them. We hit them if they aren’t up to par. 
  • Animal shows: Animals are trained for the shows. People give them training on how to dance, how to play with balls, how to entertain. They might not get food if they don’t perform. They are ill-treated. 
  • Pets: Pets stay at homes of people. They are well-fed though. But they are trained to shake our hands. They are asked to urinate and poop at certain places only. They are tied with neckbands and the way we want them to walk, we make them walk that way only. 


We human beings shouldn’t take control of the lives of other beings. They too have life. They too are beings. They can’t talk and speak for themselves. But we human beings tend to misuse their disability and take advantage of it. We exploit animals and some people treat them like labourers (that’s worse). If we take control of animals and restrict them, they will want to lose control. They will try to run away, or shout, and want to get out of the cage. 

We human beings also need ventilation. Why can’t animals have that kind of freedom? Why can’t animals roam freely around the city like we human beings do? Why are animals treated badly? Why can’t human beings leave them be at peace? People, grow your mentality. Stop manipulation of anything and anyone. They can’t say something, but that doesn’t mean you can misuse it for your own amusement.