The importance of rural life has a glorious history. Gandhiji decided that the soul of the country resides in its villages. And if “the villages are destroyed, the identity of India will be destroyed”. Gandhiji created a rural life for the qualities of self-reliance, honesty, peace and spirituality. The people of the village always try to protect their traditional tendencies and culture. Gandhi’s approach to national, spiritual and social change in villages proved idealistic.

More than its cities, India’s villages are a repository of ancient, diverse traditions, which have survived for ages through a combination of constant conditions and adaptation to changing circumstances. This flexibility has enabled the innumerable village lifestyle to flourish in an environment extending from the bizarre, irrigated agricultural plains in the north and south-east of India to the temperate mountain ranges in its center and east and west coasts.

Why reside in villages?

Fresh Air

We all are aware of the fact how cities are polluted due to various human activities.

In cities there are very few places that actually provide you clean fresh air. Most roads and other public places have a lot of pollution and, thus, in order to have a peaceful fresh environment, we have to look for some gardens and other places with plenty of trees and fresh atmosphere.

So now we know the biggest advantage of living in the villages. Mostly all the areas in villages are quite open wide with lots of trees ( khet, khaliyaan) and people in villages are very particular about their greenery and strongly believe in preserving trees and our natural beauty.

As villages are known for various agriculture practices the village areas are mostly taken utmost care of by their local people, farmers etc.. This is the major reason why villages have so much greenery and every place has pleasant clean and fresh air.

No matter how much we people living in cities take care of our health , due to polluted air , various diseases surround us, but in the villages it is found that most of the people remain healthy and they do not catch diseases easily.


The smoke emerging from the vehicles on the roads causes pollution to our fresh air. Especially, in big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, etc. as they are the busiest of all and have traffic on roads, 24/7.

Villages not only have clean air, but also the main reason behind a healthy environment is lack of motorcycles and other vehicles, because the smoke released from such vehicles pollute the air most.

Due to the large fields of barn in our villages, the atmosphere there remains clean and pollution free.

Villages are surrounded by many animals and birds. Mornings start with the sounds of birds chirping which is like music to our ears.

We city people are deprived of such beautiful morning experiences because in our day to day busy lifestyle we don’t care about the beauty of nature.

All these things add to a peaceful environment in villages, that are soothing and relaxing.

Availability of fresh vegetables

In cities, we get the same vegetables that are given to us by the vegetable vendors at our doorstep or we buy them from the vegetable market, but we do not even know whether those vegetables are fresh or not. Due to our busy day to day life, we buy the same vegetables that we get easily Some people even go to the mall and buy vegetables which are inedible or are days old,  it is even more harmful to consume them.

Pesticides and other types of chemicals and medicines are added to the fruits and vegetables that are sold in the cities to increase their lifespan, so that they look fresh even after being many days old and people living in the cities have to consume these fruits and vegetables even it we don’t want to, as we don’t have much options left. Because, not everyone has a farmhouse right?

Vegetables and fruits are considered to be healthy for our health, but the consumption of the same sometimes results in various health problems and ultimately affects our overall fitness.

The biggest advantage of living in the village is that we get to eat fresh vegetables from the fields which have no added preservatives or other pesticides.

By consuming such fresh vegetables, the people living in the villages remain strong and healthy and their body gets adequate amounts of nutrition from the vegetables. The farmers who are involved in cultivation consume the same vegetables that are grown in their villages, which gives them full nutrition of the vegetables and does not cause any harm.


It is true that the people living in the villages are more disciplined than the people living in the cities. One reason for this is that the people of the village do more manual labor than the people of the city.

In the village, it is seen that people follow a lot of rules. Their overall day routine is quite fixed and well planned and disciplined. The people living in the villages get up early in the morning and do all their work and go to sleep early in the night, so that their body gets complete rest and remains healthy.

Their sleeping and wake up time is fixed. They sleep early after working hard all day in the fields and end up waking early in morning before the sun rises.

Many people might not know this, but sleeping after sunset and waking up before sunrise has various health benefits. People’s routines in cities are quite busy, people often do not get time to exercise and their time schedule is also not fixed.

Here, people do not have time to sleep and wake up on time. Most people get used to staying up till late at night and waking up late in the morning, due to which they have a lot of health related problems as the system of the overall body becomes slow.

The village are comparatively quiet

Everyone living in the cities agree that there is too much noise in the cities. We do not find any place, other than our homes, where there is peace and if we need any such places, we look for gardens, temples and other religions spots or ashrams.

But, in the villages, the situation is quite different. The villages are not as crowded as the cities are, you will not see much of busy roads, sounds of vehicles or crowded streets.

Wherever you go in the cities, you will get crowds and plenty of traffic because it is also seen that many people migrate to cities for various reasons . People from village areas also come and settle in the cities due to job requirements or other employment reasons, due to which the number of people living in cities keep increasing making the situation worse.

For this reason, the cost of houses, apartments or flats in cities is increasing day by day. We get all the goods at double the price because the number of people and their demands are increasing and the supply is comparatively less. Land in villages are more easily available at reasonable prices as the people are less and so are their needs.

Villages are also becoming “SMART” like other smart cities

Earlier, villages of India were considered to be quite backward, but in the recent past, it has been found that our villages are also becoming smart villages, now all the facilities are being available in the villages as well.

Now the people living in the villages are getting all the facilities that are available to the people living in the cities like electricity, pakka houses, paved roads, hospitals, school colleges, and all other facilities related to sports.

Just as the online business has been practiced in the cities nowadays, due to the increasing need of the internet, this facility is now available in the villages too so that you can also do business online. Our government has now made all the facilities available in the villages and now the people of the village are not only limited to farming and field works but also have access to new advanced technology.

Be it the problem of electricity, water or employment, now our government has made all these facilities available in the villages too. Just as our cities are becoming smart cities, similarly our villages are also becoming free of dirt and smart villages where public toilets have also been provided by the government.

Now living in villages is as beneficial and easy as in cities.