This blog is quite special to me because It feels good to write about your own life. So, let’s get started with the life of a dentist.

Who is A Dentist?

A dentist is basically an accredited medical professional who specializes in the care and treatment of teeth, gums, and mouths. 

The word dentist in itself comprises of three hidden words DENTIST – Doctor + Engineer + Artist

As with most medical professions, a comprehensive medical understanding of details of the human body, manual dexterity, and strong interpersonal skills are very important while dentists deal with procedures that involve actual manipulation of the teeth or gums. 

The journey of this profession has been quite long and challenging with continuous advancements. Dentists have also evolved to provide cosmetic care that addresses society’s perception of hygiene and health with teeth whitening being the major concern for people. Problems dealing with the jaw are usually undertaken by an oral surgeon, and dental hygienists and dental assistants do much of the routine dental cleanings and maintenance.

A significant part of a dentist’s job involves educating patients about the ways to preserve a healthy mouth and gums and the best dentists are ones who are skilful in their work, as well as, good communicators.

Dentists are those preventative doctors par excellence, always alert for early signs of swollen or bleeding gums, tooth decay, etc., and invest all in their patients to make them aware of their condition and give better treatment and tips about patients’ personal hygiene.

Are we aware enough of our dental health?

Let us face the truth, dental health and hygiene are most ignored in developing countries like India. People don’t realize this and their dental visits are only done when the situation becomes quite severe and treatment becomes hell lot expensive.

life of a dentist - are we aware of our mental health

While all dentists encourage everyone for frequent visits to maintain good health, the reduced likelihood that the patients have comprehensive health insurance coverage for dental work as compared to other forms of health care has been known to strain that effort a lot. 

A lot of NGOs and health campaigns are set up and the people there are working tirelessly to educate people and increase awareness about oral hygiene. In rural areas, this is the most ignored one, people don’t even know the simple act of brushing their teeth but still, we have come a long way and things are changing and advancing in a better direction.

We all must follow these simple steps to achieve the highest level of oral hygiene-

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Don’t forget to use floss(It is as essential as brushing)
  • Visit a dentist every six months.

These are some tips to keep in mind. They are not difficult to follow. If you do these every day. You will never have to face those gross dental diseases. Our goal is to have the best oral health. To know more about good oral hygiene, read How To Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene written by a dentist.

A typical schedule in a Dentist’s life.

Dentists work 7–10-hour per day, except when emergencies arise, which can occasionally lengthen their workday. The life of a dentist is very similar to that of any other doctor. Except that dentists keep regular office hours which is one of the notable attractions of this profession. 

Many of the dentists were surveyed and they responded that although the hours are pretty long. One is able to lead a fairly predictable and comfortable life. Take standard vacations and major holidays, and enjoy weekends with family. 

Comfortable hours of work is one of the most important features in dentistry as opposed to any other medical specialties. Dentists pay enormous premiums for insurance. Large sums for fixed costs such as rent and equipment and significant overhead. For qualified personnel and quality products for best patient care. Since each patient treated corresponds to additional revenue received on that day, dentists often try to see as many patients as they can on a given day. 

Quality of Life of A Dentist

A dentist’s life is all good and comfortable. But at the end of the day, how your life’s gonna be depending on you!

If you are happy and satisfied doing your dream job, trust me you are the happiest person alive.

Now let us peek a little into the present and future aspects of a dentist’s life.


The hours can be very long in the beginning. New dentists might take time to familiarize themselves with the handling of patients. It is important for new dentists to earn their patients’ trust. 

In the beginning, things seem quite confusing and dissatisfying but great things take time.

Many dentists have to face this harsh truth. Although they get a similar education to physicians and other medical counterparts. They do not receive the same respect in the eyes of the public.


Dentists in this business lasting five years have established reputations and built up a good client base. They see an increase in income. 

Many dentists work hard for long hours. Enduring years three to eight to build their practice with the expectation of future rewards. Ultimately, their hard work does pay off, what is needed maximum in this time is ‘patience’.


Dentists who have practiced for 10 years have immense satisfaction from what they do. They have established a consistent and loyal client base. They have lots of experience and a degree of expertise and, moreover, earn a significant income. 

Many dentists become involved in professional associations and write scholarly research articles.  

At this stage, fame, power and satisfaction are with most of the dentists.

So, this was a sneak peek into a Dentist’s life. If you are a person who aspires to be one, hope this article was useful for you.